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Disillusioned with Bush

I am getting fairly disillusioned with George W Bush. Here are some of the reasons. These specific stories are just illustrative. First, this story: We are not a police state, nobody is truly quashing dissent. But this sort of … Continue reading

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New Photographs Show US Soldiers Littering, Kicking Puppies

It’s been reported that authorities have come upon the most shocking and disturbing photos of alleged American abuses in Iraq yet – graphic pictures of American GIs kicking puppies and recklessly littering. In other news, photographs previously thought to be … Continue reading

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Why Won’t They Apologize?

The man in charge of the US-run prisons in Iraq has apologized for the way some of the Iraqi prisoners were abused. So has General Kimmitt. They use language like “I would like to apologize for our nation and for … Continue reading

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