I’m Back – What a Year!

I don’t know if I’m still on anyone’s RSS feeds, but I thought I’d put out an update just in case.

It’s been around a year since I last blogged.  Ironically, I had more to blog about in 2006 than in recent years – not all of it good.  We’ve had lots of opportunities to experience God’s faithfulness in the last year, through a miscarriage, moving, and cancer.

Leandra conceived our fourth child in January 2006.  The ultrasound showed that everything was good.  Then in late March, at about 14 weeks, she went in for a routine checkup.  There was no heartbeat.  We were totally blindsided by this – she’d had no signs that anything was wrong.  Our baby died at around 12 weeks after conception.  Leandra had a D&C the next day.

We put our house on the market in June.  We believed that God would continue to bless us with children and we were outgrowing our house.  There were several other houses for sale on our street, and summer is the time to sell.

Leandra conceived again a few weeks later (she’s due in early March 2007).  We chose not to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  This drives me nuts.

In August, our contract to list our house expired.  We were getting nervous about re-listing it.  At the time, we were strongly considering building a house and knew that it wouldn’t be ready by March.  So we thought maybe it would be best to sit tight and try again next year.  But we listed it for another month.

A few days later we got an offer.  We accepted the offer literally as we were leaving town for a vacation.  I mean, literally – we swung by the realtor’s office on our way to the beach.
We went out looking at houses a couple days after we got back from vacation.  We fell in love with the 5th house we looked at.  We made an offer which the seller accepted.
There were a couple of last-minute scares (e.g., our buyers ran into a snag selling their house at the last minute) but we closed on the sale of our home at the end of September.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t close on the home we were buying until the end of October. So we put most of our stuff in storage, and moved in with my in-laws, who just moved to Texas and live about 45 minutes away.  They had not yet unpacked their house, since they had only closed on it two weeks earlier.  That was a little bit difficult – e.g., there was no washing machine for the first week – but we got through it well.
Although we hired movers to load our stuff up and take it to storage, there was still quite a bit of work for me to do.  I managed to give myself a hernia.  I went to the doctor about it, and he found something far more serious than a hernia.  I have testicular cancer.  I had surgery in mid/late October and am now considering treatment options.  I started a blog at robertwilliams.wordpress.com to keep family, friends, and co-workers up to date.  I won’t be cross-posting updates to here.  Briefly, there’s an excellent (75%) chance that the surgery removed all of the cancer, and I’ll be going in monthly for CT scans, chest X-rays, and blood work.  If I do relapse, it will be chemo and probably surgery.  The long-term survival rate is 95-99%.  I’m in really good shape, considering.

We closed on our new home about a week after my surgery.  Because of the surgery, I’m not allowed to lift anything over 20 pounds (not even wayward 2-year-olds – but I forget that sometimes) so I have not been able to do much to unpack or fix things around the house.  And there are lots of things to fix – our “new” house is over 100 years old.  It’s enormous (5 bedrooms, 3000 square feet).  And I have about one million little projects.  I’m having to hire a bunch of work done (e.g., I can’t carry a piece of sheetrock, let alone hang it) but we’ll get there eventually.

All’s well that ends well.  God has bound up the wounds He made.  He took an unborn child from us, and has given us another.  He gave me cancer, and has healed me.  And He has provided a wonderful house for us.

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  1. Wow, what a year. It is awesome that God is always there for you. Please consider this: I can agree with you that God has bound up the wounds, but would disagree that He created them. God is the giver of life so he would never take life. You could ask the question “Why God did not save you baby’s life at 12 weeks?”, which is different than taking it. In the same light He did not give you cancer because that is a result of the world that we live in. Since there is no sickness or diseases in heaven why would he want to inflict that on us here. Now, God does use these circumstances to heal and teach us more about Him but he does not give us cancer or take life.

    I am true sorry if I have offended you with this, but the truth will set you free. Chad

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