Going Back to the Start

I wrote previously about losing my religion, so now I’ll talk about the road that I’m on and where it seems to be leading. When you find yourself headed the wrong direction, you generally ought to turn around and backtrack until you can find the wrong turn. This is what I’m attempting to do.

I haven’t completely made the jump from “yuppie dispensationalist” to “reformed agrarian” so to speak. And honestly (nothing like absolute transparency with a bunch of relative strangers, is there?) I still have doubts about where I’m going and if it’s the right place. Who knows if I’ll wind up as a grouchy fundamentalist, a reformed agrarian, a yuppie dispensationalist, a squishy evangelical, or even a postmodernist. But for now, anyway, this is the way I’m headed.

Doug Wilson uses an illustration originally from Francis Schaeffer to illustrate how otherwise small differences have large impacts:

High in the Rocky Mountains you can find the continental divide and look at a spot of snow straddling that divide. And there, six inches apart (which is not far at all), you can see snow which will eventually find itself in the Gulf of Mexico, and just a few inches away, there is snow that will wind up in the Pacific Ocean. The six-inch spread there is far more significant than a six-inch spread just a few feet away.

When I discuss individual issues with most evangelicals, it often seems that one of us must be crazy. We just seem to be so far apart, and talk right past each other. It’s not just that we disagree; we don’t even understand each other sometimes.

Maybe I’m just a theology nerd, but I think the differences are ultimately theological ones. Major doctrines impact other doctrines, and affect your behavior in significant ways. So if I can outline how my understanding has changed on some of these major doctrines, maybe it will help.

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  1. Robert, I’m enjoying reading about your theological journey, as I’m on that same road. Not sure where it will end up just yet, myself. I told my hubby about that Yahoo list you mentioned. He joined. I pray it will be a blessing to him and to me through him.

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