What a Privilege to Carry Everything to God in Prayer

I was feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed earlier today for reasons I won’t go into right now.

My first thought was “I need to go somewhere, calm down, clear my head, and then pray about this.”

My second thought was, “Why would you want to do it in _that_ order?”

It’s such a privilege for us to be able to come to God with all our concerns. He does not leave us without a Comforter, and He gives us access to the throneroom of grace. I do not have to calm my mind before I approach Him. He gives me peace.

I understood that we lay our fears and troubles before God. If bad things are going on we can turn to Him for refuge. How silly of me not to recognize that I can come to Him not just when I’m afraid, but when I’m just confused.

As I laid my questions and fears before God, one thing in particular came to mind. Whatever else happens, I’ve got Jesus. I was condemned and now I am saved. I may mess everything up. I might completely misunderstand the gospel and fail in the high calling God has called me to. But I will be saved. I may suffer loss. I may be saved as though through fire. But I will be saved. That puts my legitimate questions and concerns into a proper perspective. They are legitimate. They are important. But I’ve got Jesus!

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  1. Thank you for this edifying post! I often have the temptation to wait until I feel better to pray, and my husband is always having to remind me, pray first!

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