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Why Bother with Calvinism?

I have written previously about the fallacy of focusing only on so-called “practical theology”. But it might be helpful to discuss why I think theology in general, and Calvinism in particular, is important enough to teach. It is hard to … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Teach Calvinism to Arminians

My “Intro to Calvinism” class is off to a pretty good start. There are 9 students (counting my wife, but not our baby!). At least 5 of them are Arminians, so we get some good discussions. One of them is … Continue reading

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What a Privilege to Carry Everything to God in Prayer

I was feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed earlier today for reasons I won’t go into right now. My first thought was “I need to go somewhere, calm down, clear my head, and then pray about this.” My second thought was, … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive

Sorry for the absence. Work has been pretty crazy lately. I got paged every single night for several nights in a row, and it wasn’t just little stuff either. Also, I’ve started teaching a class on Calvinism at church, and … Continue reading

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Your Body Is You, As Well As Your Soul

A lot of the talk about “end of life” decisions generally, and Terri Schiavo specifically, has centered on the question of brain activity. We argued over whether she was in a persistent vegetative state, whether she was truly responsive, and … Continue reading

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