Thoughts on Terri Schiavo’s Death

Judges 20

3 … Then said the children of Israel, Tell us, how was this wickedness? 4 And the Levite, the husband of the woman that was slain, answered and said, I came into Gibeah that belongeth to Benjamin, I and my concubine, to lodge. 5 And the men of Gibeah rose against me, and beset the house round about upon me by night, and thought to have slain me: and my concubine have they forced, that she is dead. 6 And I took my concubine, and cut her in pieces, and sent her throughout all the country of the inheritance of Israel: for they have committed lewdness and folly in Israel. 7 Behold, ye are all children of Israel; give here your advice and counsel.

8 And all the people arose as one man, saying, We will not any of us go to his tent, neither will we any of us turn into his house. 9 But now this shall be the thing which we will do to Gibeah; we will go up by lot against it; 10 And we will take ten men of an hundred throughout all the tribes of Israel, and an hundred of a thousand, and a thousand out of ten thousand, to fetch victual for the people, that they may do, when they come to Gibeah of Benjamin, according to all the folly that they have wrought in Israel.

11 So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, knit together as one man. 12 And the tribes of Israel sent men through all the tribe of Benjamin, saying, What wickedness is this that is done among you? 13 Now therefore deliver us the men, the children of Belial, which are in Gibeah, that we may put them to death, and put away evil from Israel. But the children of Benjamin would not hearken to the voice of their brethren the children of Israel. 14 But the children of Benjamin gathered themselves together out of the cities unto Gibeah, to go out to battle against the children of Israel.

19 And the children of Israel rose up in the morning, and encamped against Gibeah. 20 And the men of Israel went out to battle against Benjamin; and the men of Israel put themselves in array to fight against them at Gibeah. …

27 And the children of Israel enquired of the LORD, (for the ark of the covenant of God was there in those days, 28 And Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, stood before it in those days,) saying, Shall I yet again go out to battle against the children of Benjamin my brother, or shall I cease? And the LORD said, Go up; for to morrow I will deliver them into thine hand.

35 And the LORD smote Benjamin before Israel: and the children of Israel destroyed of the Benjamites that day twenty and five thousand and an hundred men: all these drew the sword.

I’m told that in Nazi Germany there was a Christian church near a train station. That train station was used to load Jews on trains to concentration / death camps. During service, the church was able to sometimes hear the cries of Jews being loaded onto those trains. It became the congregation’s habit to sing very loudly, so as to drown out the desperate cries of the Jews.

I used to think very poorly of the church in Nazi Germany.

I am glad that the church today believes and teaches that _the_ (only) way of bringing the world under the lordship of Christ is individual, personal evangelism.

I am glad that we believe submission to governmental authority means all we can do is vote (for Republicans) and evangelize the lost.

I am glad that the church holds so strongly to the separation of church and state.

I am glad that libertarianism and federalism hold such sway in the minds of conservative Christians.

I am glad that we Christians believe the “rule of law” means the rule of man’s written law, and that we have to do whatever judges say.

I am glad that so many of us turned our backs on Roy Moore and denounced him as a lawbreaker.

I am glad that we supported the execution of Paul Hill for murdering an abortionist.

I am glad for the idea of incrementalism.

Otherwise, we might have come up with some crazy ideas.

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