Talking About My Kids

Not a lot to blog about right now, just busy at work and at home. But I can always blog about my kids!

I’ve been teaching First Catechism to my boys. It’s good to teach them, but I have to admit when my four year old does “How sinful are you by nature? I am corrupt in every part of my being,” well, it almost makes me want to be a Pelagian.

My two year old is only a few questions behind. He has a lot trouble with words like “transgression” and “conformity” but he gets through it. It’s amazing how quickly they’ve learned.

This morning my four year old announced “Next time I see Uncle Brian, I’m going to call him a turkey.” My wife asked him why and he said “Well, because of the Golden Rule. He always calls me a turkey.”

Think he had misunderstood, my wife tried to correct him. “Do you want people to call you a turkey?” “No.” “Well, then, you shouldn’t call other people a turkey, right?”

And then we got to see just how devious he is. “No, no, no mommy. That’s not it. Uncle Brian calls me a turkey, and he should treat other people the way he wants us to treat him. So he must _want_ people to call him a turkey!”

My boys have developed a very strange morning ritual. Normal kids would give their Daddy a hug and a kiss before he left. I get the hugs and kisses, but I also get more.

For starters, Joshua (4 y.o.) likes to “mash in” his kisses so they can’t be wiped off. He has extra fun if he’s been eating or drinking something. Then he mashes in a syrup kiss, or a milk kiss, or an orange juice kiss. He was sick the other day and mashed in a _germ_ kiss.

After I’ve hugged and kissed everybody, my boys get behind my and push me out the door. Or, as they put it, “Push Daddy out into the cold!” Then they stand at the door and yell “Go to work, Daddy! We need money! Go! Out in the cold!” and anything else they can think of. Yesterday after they closed the door, Joshua looked at my wife and said “It’s a good thing we got rid of that bad guy!”

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2 Responses to Talking About My Kids

  1. Chris P says:

    Your family sounds wonderful. Always treasure these days. My daughter is out on her own and my son is very close to fleeing the nest. Many times I miss when they were so much younger, although each stage of life holds it joys. I think I’ll go blow my nose.

  2. Jenna says:

    Your kids sound absolutely adorable. :o )

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