Girls Just Wanna Have … Kids!

The Observer | UK News | Teenage girls just want to marry and stay home

Their grandmothers fought for the vote, their mothers battled to have it all, but the upcoming generation of girls have decided to turn the clock back and just want stay at home with their babies.

According to a survey of 5,000-plus teenage girls, their main ambition is to complete university then return to the homestead

This is tremendous news! We came, we saw, we turned around and went back home.

But it hacks me off that this is termed as “turning back the clock”. It’s part of the whole idea that progress is inherently good. It ain’t.

More than nine out of 10 of the girls believe it should be up to their husbands to provide for them, with 97 per cent disagreeing with the statement ‘It doesn’t matter who is the main earner, as long as we are happy.’

More than 90 per cent of those polled for CosmoGirl magazine’s November issue believe it is the man’s role to provide the household’s money, with 85 per cent maintaining they would rather rely on their partner for financial support than be a successful, independent woman.

Ninety percent!!! Wow. That is unbelievably good news.

The problem is that we so easily fall into the idea that it simply takes two incomes. Or people plan “eventually” for the wife to stay home. And the years drag on and on…

But the pendulum is clearly swinging back. This is such positive news. I just wonder what British _boys_ think.

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