Photos to Help you Decide Who to Vote For

Who’s the better man?

bush-kerry-the men.jpg

Who has the better wife?

bush-kerry-better halves.jpg

Who’s the better husband?


Who’s the better sportsman?


Who’s the better outdoorsmen?


Who has the most colorful friends?

bush-kerry-colorful friends.jpg

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6 Responses to Photos to Help you Decide Who to Vote For

  1. Karl Thienes says:

    That’s a riot! :)

  2. PenguinBoy says:

    Thanks for the chuckles!!!

  3. Brandy says:

    Funny because from my vantage point the Republican party takes to screwing over the less fortunate in order to keep the money and power in their hands (insert various bible verses about helping less fortunate and about evils of wealth), the wage war against nations that probably need some action taken against them but in the process kill thousands of their own men as well as a bunch of children, and innocent women and men in the country they are fighting, they destroy the environment which we were put here to be tenants of…not dominators

    Yeah…sounds like a great decision for any reasonable thinking scripture abiding Christian to make…

    Want a real candidate for prsident, realize that there are more than two parties (infact we are around 50 in this country) and go find a candidate that actually does do things according to scripture. My personal choice is Walt Brown though I highly doubt, based on your posts in the current debate going on on Chris’s and Adam’s blogs that you would support someone such as him, but please please stay informed about various aspects of politics. There are more candidates and I’m sure you could find one that follows scripture a little more closely, which I would assume to be of very high importance to you as you have taken the time to bible battle elsewhere.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi Brandy. Um, the pictures were just a joke. Sent to me by a liberal, Kerry-supporting friend from California. He earlier sent me a mock “Republican National Convention Schedule” which I thought was funny too.

    I’ve blogged before about being dissatisfied with Bush and not even sure I will vote for him. This is not a “Blog 4 Bush” and lately I’ve pretty much avoided politics. I am considering voting for the Constitution Party, except that I disagree about foreign policy.

    I do not think your assessment of the Republican party as “screwing over the less fortunate in order to keep the money and power in their hands” is accurate, unless by that you mean “they are capitalists and not socialists”.

    the wage war against nations

    I think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are part of the War on Terror, are right and just. I believe that to whom much is given, much is required. I also believe that whoever sees the good that he can do, and does not do it, sins. So when we see the need, and have the ability, to intervene in places like Iraq and the Sudan, we should do so. Militarily, if necessary. Of course we must do so wisely, and not recklessly, but I am not an isolationist.

    destroy the environment which we were put here to be tenants of?not dominators

    God told us to take dominion over the earth and subdue it. That’s more than “a tenant”. The general Biblical perspective is that we should be “good stewards”.

    Economically developed nations, such as the USA, are better stewards of the environment than are underdeveloped nations. We can and should do better, but I think that will be accomplished through technological advances such as nuclear (fusion) power and the like.

    Yeah?sounds like a great decision for any reasonable thinking scripture abiding Christian to make?

    Not all issues are equally important. I don’t mean to defend the Republican Party on all issues, because it is unworthy of such defense.

    The most important issues to me have to do with national morality (abortion, gay marriage, etc), national security (aggressive war on terror), liberty (all of the first 10 amendments, including both 1 and 2), and national sovereignty (not giving France a veto over our foreign policy). Economic policies, the environment, and things like that are much less important to me right now.

  5. Chris Friede says:

    I’m puzzled, Robert. You say that promotion of national morality is of upmost importance to you, yet you support a war which the American people were lied to about. Where over 1100 American servicemen and women have been killed, and uncounted thousands more Iraqis have died. Not to mention the Bush Doctrine of preemptive warfare violates centuries of Christian teaching (ever read your St. Augustine?)

    You say you support a strong defense against terrorism, yet even Donald Rumsfeld has said that the war in Iraq is creating terrorists faster than we can kill them.

    National sovereignty? Iraq was a sovereign nation that we invaded, which posed no imminent threat to the US.

    First Amendment? Bush and his compatriots have publicly declared that anyone who speaks out against the war is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If I oppose the conflict, I am a traitor. Two teachers in Oregon were escorted from a Bush speech and threatened with arrest for wearing shirts that said “Protect our Constitutional Liberties”.

    You are right in saying that to whom much is given, much is expected. I would expect you to live up to that and remove our current president from office come November 2nd.

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