Genesis Probe

Some of the wafers from the Genesis probe survived the crash.

Some 350 palm-sized wafers made up five disks that were open to the solar wind during the mission, collecting atoms from the sun.

Many of those wafers were made at the sister plant of where I work. Kind of cool. I’m betting it was our wafers that survived. :-)

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One Response to Genesis Probe

  1. Phil in CA says:

    [*phil enters, hanging head*] On the one hand, I’d like to pat our engineers on the back for designing a craft that can survive reentry and impact and still have some semblence of usable cargo. But it’s hard to gloat about building a study craft when we can’t get a chute to open. Maybe next time we should try that air bag approach like on the Mars Sojourner. For a variety of physics reasons, it might work on Earth, too.

    On the other hand, I kept thinking that we’ve spent $260 million on another hunt to validate “evolution…. origin of the solar system” yadda yadda. It’s the same thing with the “water on Mars” thing. It just gets tiring to hear every space story these days go on about “evolution” and “origins” as the mission behind every probe or lander. But I see more and more NASA missions failing, too. I can’t help but wonder if this is a “God thing,” since we’ve gone from wishing “God’s speed, John Glenn!” to now shooting off landers and probes in every direction to disprove God. I know, we had failures in throughout space exploration, but not like the embarassments we’ve had. Just my $0.02

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