Third Grader Arrested

Third-grader arrested for disorderly conduct

An Espanola third-grader was handcuffed and arrested by police after hitting another student with a basketball, the child’s mother and her lawyer say.

The boy’s mother, Angelica Esquibel, said he was sent to the school office Thursday when he raised his voice to a teacher after hitting another child with the basketball.

Esquibel, who works next door to the school, said she was called to the office, and that Jerry began crying and saying he wanted to go home.

She said a school counselor wanted him to return to class, and that when the boy ran outside and started crying louder, the counselor told him if he wasn’t going to be in school, she was going to call police.

Two officers tried to tell Jerry to go back to class and told him he had a choice ? class or jail, Esquibel said. When the boy got upset and loud, they handcuffed him, she said.

The police report says Jerry was arrested, taken to jail, booked and released to his parents.

Esquibel said that when she arrived at the police station, he was standing against a wall, crying.

He told her he was placed “in a dark room with a window, a metal toilet and a metal sink,” and that inmates banged on the window “saying they were going to get him and cussing,” she said. He said officers told him to stop crying or they’d let the inmates get him, she said.

Well, thankfully this boy is not being “sheltered”. He’s learning valuable lessons about the world and being well socialized. Wouldn’t want him to grow up to be socially inept, now would we? Eight years old is practically grown – whaddya’ want, to stunt their emotional and social development?

Children need to be disciplined for unruly behavior and taught to respect authority. But this discipline ought to primarily come from their parents who love and care for them. Schools _manage_ children. And when the children won’t be managed, why, one state agency in this case simply called in another state agency to intimidate the child.

No, thank you. I’ll just shelter my boys, even as dangerously close to “forever” as eight years old is. And if they hit another child and yell at their mother, they’ll get a good talking to and a bright red bottom. But not arrested.

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4 Responses to Third Grader Arrested

  1. pt says:

    And if they hit another child and yell at their mother, they?ll get a good talking to and a bright red bottom. But not arrested.

    Sadly, in some places, you’d be the one to end up in jail. Some people actually believe that 8 year old standing in the jail cell is better than the “bright red bottom.” I for one, would be willing to watch your other child/children as you took the other aside for the needed correction.

    Good post, well put. Glad you’re raising your boys and not the institutions.

  2. Kim says:

    I think I would just become hysterical if my son was put through that. How frightening! I wonder what made him so upset. This is one more example of why I’m thankful to be homeschooling.

  3. Rong says:

    Boy talk about converting a parent to the idea of home schooling. I’d never let my child set foot in that school system again after that little stunt, and talk about a civil suit against the police dept. As much as I hate the ACLU this sounds like the kind of fight they’d lick their lips over.

  4. penni says:

    Not to add fuel to the fire, but my son had a severe blood disease which caused him to bruise very easily. I was warned (by drs. and friends in a similar situation) to make his private illness VERY PUBLIC so that his teachers at school would not presume he had been hit at home. Children CAN BE removed from their classrooms for police investigations, some of which may lead the child into making statements which can incriminate their innocent parents. Such as “Have your parents ever been mad at you?” “yes” “have they ever grabbed you or hit you?” “yes” (now this child may have been remembering the time mommy grabbed him and brought him back to her and kept him from running in the parking lot, the hit may have been just as “innocent”. But by the time your child has been “interviewed” for the 4-5-6 hours they are at school WITHOUT you being there with them, they can convince a child they have been abused. True story. As a result of good friend’s experiences, we pulled our son out of public school for 6 years until he was forced by law back into the system. The parents have little rights and authority when it comes to many aspects of public schools. Even the teachers have little authority as to how to handle their own classrooms. Children on the other hand have NO rights and the law can interview them without your concent and without miranda rights enforced on their behalf. What your child says and does will be used to whatever means the law sees fit.

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