Hooters Bible Study

Once you accept a few unbiblical notions, there’s no telling where you will end up. Things like “It’s all about evangelism”, and “Jesus hung out with [unrepentant] sinners”. When you then lift “I became all things to all men” totally out of the context of the rest of the Bible and Paul’s life and Christ’s teaching, there is absolutely no telling where you will wind up. No telling where this purpose will drive the church.

First we had the First Baptist Bar and Grill. Now it’s the Hooters Bible Study.

“We’ve seen a few of the waitresses become Christians. One of the former managers here became a Christian. So it’s worked. The whole object, in reality, is that this is just to get inside the door.”

“We’re about reaching the lost, and I think we’re called to do that,” he said. “Our attitude is to go where the un-churched and the de-churched are.”

Bailer, who joined Single Focus two years ago, said he quickly began to appreciate the casual, nonjudgmental atmosphere at the meetings.

“It’s something Jesus would’ve done because he looked past what people may think and looked at what people’s needs are.”

And as if this isn’t enough, consider some of the comments from WorldMagBlog:

Jesus went to taverns and drinking parties.

The Son of Man came eating and drinking (with sinners and tax collectors) and they said he had a demon.

The Holy Spirit can work anywhere.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He went where they were, he didn’t wait for them to come to him.

I praise God that someone is going out and reaching the lost…where they live, work and play. It sounds just like something Jesus would do.

Much better by far is to encourage attractive young Christian women to infiltrate the HOOTER’S ranks as an employee and witness woman-to-woman in a collegial, non-sexualized relationship ministry.

I put these folks in a category I like to call “Nuts”.

Maybe if they would get out of Hooters they could pay enough attention to their Bible to know what it said. Maybe if we’d worry a bit less about being all things to all people we could focus on being faithful to Christ, and then minister from that position.

Christ did not require anyone to clean up their act before He received them. But He did not receive unrepentant sinners. He ran them off with His preaching. The light of the gospel will do that, you know. Turns sinners into saints, or turns them away. It calls out the elect.

Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the LORD.

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21 Responses to Hooters Bible Study

  1. Ian says:

    “Maybe if they would get out of Hooters they could pay enough attention to their Bible to know what it said.”

    That’s a little childish, don’t you think? If you disagree with them, that’s fine. But it’d be much more productive to extrapolate on why you think their methods are unbiblical than to get on a soapbox and make snide remarks.

    If anyone’s interested, here an article about something similar.

  2. Patrick says:

    OK, so tell me what your problem with this is first. I don’t think I understand. Is it that the women are attractive, and thus might cause some sort of impure thoughts? Perhaps the wings are too hot and might cause one to think they’ve already died and confuse the indigestion with the fires of hell.

    This seems like something that you’re upset with more because you wouldn’t eat at Hooter’s than because there is anything wrong with going to Hooter’s. We aren’t talking about a collection of young men going to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and witnessing to hookers while having sex with them. We’re talking about a mixed-gender bible study happening in a public place where less skin is shown than at the public swimming pool. Call me a nut if you want to. I see nothing wrong with going to a Hooter’s if that’s where the group is able to convince people to attend.

  3. Peggy says:

    I know you closed the comments section from the post about homeschooling, but I just had to say it was an awesome post!! You put into words so many things I would LOVE to shout out to many a mother or father!
    The part about your son and sunday school got me too. :( It’s the same here with our eldest daughter and I saw it happening with my younger girls too. It’s amazing what a pull it can be on their hearts, but then again, it’s amazing what a pull other’s opinions can be on this Mama’s heart too.
    One day at a time, we are all learning. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Kim says:

    Great post! I’m in full agreement with you on this. Too many people don’t know Jesus as He truly is represented in Scripture. They go by what they’ve learned through others who proof text to death the faith. Ugh!

  5. Dawn says:

    FABULOUS blog here. I am sooo glad I found it. As my mother says about Rush Limbaugh I say to you *DITTOS*! You seem to put what I think into words. I read a good post about this Hooters study on another blog, “it should be WOMEN doing the study and witnessing here.” Regarding your homeschooling post, I am sad that you closed your comments for it. It was da bomb!!!! I plan to re-route my journal readers to your post today. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words!!

  6. Robert says:

    it?d be much more productive to extrapolate on why you think their methods are unbiblical than to get on a soapbox and make snide remarks.

    Bah, where’s the fun in that? :-)

    Seriously, I think of each post as pretty related to all the others before it. So I see no need to make each one able to stand on its own as a well reasoned dissertation of the precise relationship Christians should have with the world and the details of evangelism. The whole blog is a conversation and this was just an aside.

    so tell me what your problem with this is first. I don?t think I understand. Is it that the women are attractive, and thus might cause some sort of impure thoughts?

    Can we stop pretending for a minute that Hooters isn’t about, well, _hooters_? And it ain’t got nothing to do with owls! The restaurant is predicated on lust and is therefore an unfit place for a Christian, period.

    And Peggy and Dawn, thanks for the kind words.

  7. Jared says:

    You might not think so, but I agree with you, Robert.
    If, as they are saying, Hooters is “like any other restaurant” — well, then, it seems to me the default would be to avoid the appearance of evil and pick any other restaurant!

    At least be honest enough to say “we’re here because it’s Hooters.”
    Then we argue modesty/immodesty/temptation/lust all day long.

    I’ve never been into a Hooters — And funny story here: some friends and I did a Hoop-it-Up tournament one year and the sign-ups were at a local Hooters. We all basically made the oldest guy go in to sign us up, because none of us wanted to go in. I know it’s not a strip club, but we just didn’t want to go in. For the same reason, I can’t shop in lingerie departments for my wife. Too embarrassing. — but I’ve seen pictures of “Hooters girls” before on TV and in movies. Personally, the windshorts-and-tanktop look doesn’t really do it for me. But I know that Hooters exists to “do it” for me and every other man on the planet.

    They didn’t name the place “Buffalo Wings.”

    Why not just do the Bible study at Applebee’s or Friday’s and avoid the controversy? It seems unnecessary to single out Hooter’s aside from the shock value and the need to be “out there.”

  8. Kim says:

    I agree with Pegfgy on your homeschooling post. Da bomb. I have heard so many women “crying” that they’re losing their baby. But they’re not really that sad about it or they’d be doing all they can to postpone it.

  9. Kim says:

    Well, that should’ve read Peggy. I should reread before hitting the post button.

  10. Theophilus says:

    I linked to this story too, on my (relatively new) blog. This seems to be taking the “be all things to all people” and “Jesus went to where the sinners were” concepts too far. These are COLLEGE-AGE kids! I remember my college days, and there was simply NO WAY I would have been able to concentrate on a passage from Romans while I was at Hooters!

  11. Marla says:

    Robert, just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted twice about this on my blog in the past few days, so we have some rather parallel conversations taking place–in fact, a reader alerted me to your post. I’m with you completely and find the division amongst Christians on this issue very disillusioning (literally). I’ve looked at this from a few other angles, too, so I’d be curious to know your thoughts…

  12. Carmon says:

    You are absolutely right, Robert! I just heard R.C. Sproul, Jr. say that Jesus didn’t hang out with sinners, he hung out with repentant sinners. He didn’t make buddies with people who flaunted their sin, he called people to “come to Me.”

  13. Gracie says:

    Found you thru my sis-in-love’s journal and thought I’d share on the post that is closed…AMEN!
    I just sent my son off to christian college this past weekend and am now dealing with the empty nest thing…yuck…but I am ever grateful for the blessings of my children, how they have made it a JOY to be their mother! My daughter got married in Dec, I got married in May and now my son is off…been through alot of life changes this year for sure!
    I have been a mom for half my life and 12 yrs of that as a single mom. Such graces I have seen! Mom’s & Dad’s don’t be in such a hurry to see them grow up, take the journey with them, shelter them, make them extraordinary, peculiar and misfitted for this world, after all it IS the job our Daddy has given us. I thought I’d share something I wrote:

    My Precious Children?

    I have spent half my life learning to let you go?
    first the backyard,
    then 2 doors down,
    then around the block,
    and eventually,
    for one, around the world,
    and for the other, to a nest of her own?

    How could I know that one would stay the loss of the other?
    Not realizing that even if one had left before the other, it would still be this painful,

    How could life have gone by soo fast?
    How could you be my ?brown sugar babies? one moment, and the next, be all grown up?
    My heart questions, ?just how?d THAT happen??

    Tell me?
    Can I take back a moment to pondering your beauty a little while longer?

    Can I take back a moment to dry that extra tear, hug your sweetness a second or two longer or kiss one more fear away?

    Can I have one more moment to watch your heart engage in the struggle of growth and share in the victory that follows?

    Can I have one more moment to sing, ?Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound?, to your trembling much afraid heart?

    Can I have one more moment to share all that is in my heart? how it is so incredibly filled to overflowing with deep love for you?

    Even though I have engaged in this process of letting go?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    for the silence of an unopened door, an unplayed guitar, or unspoken & unsung words?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    to not smell the sweetness of your lotions & perfumes or not see how sweetly you?ve done your hair for today?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    for the sight of an empty room, no clothes strewn thoughout the house, and no car in its usual place?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    to not hear your laughter, your joy or the excitement of your little girl heart bouncing & filling the room?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    to hear the echoes of voices, laughing, playing, fighting, crying and loving?within the silence that seems to scream at me now.

    Nothing could prepare me,
    to feel the sense of loss in my heart, for the purpose my life has had all these years?

    Nothing could prepare me,
    for this moment, the final release?of my two love birds,

    You have grown and become such extraordinary people,

    I asked to know His faithfulness by seeing it displayed in your precious lives?and how I have!

    How He has met our every need abundantly all these years!

    How He has redeemed & made fruitful the time, in producing that which is extraordinary in each of you!

    How deep His love is, to have pursued our hearts and won them!

    I am soo beyond grateful for each of you,
    your precious presence all these years,
    filling my life with the JOY and the eternal gift
    of just being your mother?

    I pray that the job the Lord entrusted me with, was done to His good pleasure,
    and that all those areas
    I failed in, am found lacking or faltered in,
    be graced over with His eternal Love?

    I am aware that life goes on,
    that new journeys, with time, change the scenery of our lives,
    that bittersweet, we can find the things of life, when fully embraced and experienced,
    and tears can be mixed with sorrow and joy,
    when ?this is just apart of life?,
    intermingles with the things of a mother?s heart,

    I will always be?
    your Mommy,
    your Momma,
    (how I love your special names for me)
    You, will always be my Duckies?
    We, will always be the 3 Musketeers?

    I am, as He is…
    Ever & Always Deeply Loving You?

    Copyright ? 2004

  14. Gracie says:

    Was reading your notes on Wild at Heart – LOVED that book! Saw that you haven’t added anything since Nov. Did you finish it? got any other notes? Love how you laid out each chapter…

    In Him!
    Gracie :)

  15. Travis says:

    Who are you to judge another’s calling?

  16. Robert says:

    I’m a mean spirited, narrow minded, judgmental, fundamentalist Pharisee who completely misses the basic point of Jesus’ message, which is unconditional love and acceptance.

    There, I said it for you.

  17. Bud McClure says:

    I would not choose Hooters as an appropriate location for a Bible study as men CANNOT focus on the LORD or witnessing of the LORD in this hyper sexed environment. Men struggle enough to focus on Jesus in church, much less in Hooters. However, the motive for bible study evangelism is commendable in any follower of Christ!

  18. Narz says:

    “Maybe if they would get out of Hooters they could pay enough attention to their Bible to know what it said. Maybe if we?d worry a bit less about being all things to all people we could focus on being faithful to Christ, and then minister from that position.”

    1. The bible is more than likely just historical fiction and can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways.

    2. This guy can hang out at hooters if he wants and preach whatever message he wants. He read your little book and interpreted it in a way he likes just like you all do.

    “Jesus is just an invisible friend for grownups”

  19. Bill says:

    Robert – good post. I wouldn’t do a bible study in Hooters.

    But I’ll bet John Eldredge would! :-)

  20. Robert says:

    Bill, ROTFLOL!

  21. Is there something particularly sinful about chicken wings? I think not.

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