More Theology from my 3 year old

My 3-year-old son Joshua is turning into quite a theologian.

He asked one day “Why does God make bad people?” Fortunately his catechism already had the answer. I asked him “Why did God make you and all things?” and he gave the response “For His own glory”.

“So,” I explained, “God even makes bad people for His own glory. But sometimes we don’t understand how it all works.”

Several days later, maybe a couple of weeks, he announced out of the blue “God made Goliath so the Israelites could see how good they could win.”

IMHO, this puts him well above most adults in his theology. I’m raising a good Calvinist.

Later, he told us a little bit about the rapture. I’m not sure where he learned it from. “One day, Jesus is going to walk down out of heaven and get some of us. Then He’ll take us back to heaven. He’ll get everybody else later.” Time to get him the Left Behind Kids books! ;-)

And the other day, somehow it came up that some people don’t believe in God. His comments: “But there is a God! He lives way way way up in heaven.” He was pointing out the window, up in the sky as he said that. Then he paused for a second, and pointed at his chest. “God lives way way way down in our hearts, too. God is everywhere!”

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6 Responses to More Theology from my 3 year old

  1. Jared says:

    That is awesome.

  2. 3 years old huh? My 8 yr old has been on record saying amazingly clear theological truths in kid language, too. Recapturing that childlike reception to the gospel is what old people spend a lifetime doing, how ironic!

  3. It’s better than the time he tried to convince me not to spank him because “Jesus already died for my sins”.

  4. Rong says:

    From the mouths of babes

  5. rickdavis says:


    I am not ignoring your question about the Ephesians 4 scenario. Taking some time to reflect and do it justice.

    Kudos on the boy.

    Rick Davis

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