Christian Denomination Selector

The Christian Denomination Selector quiz is making the rounds. Here are my answers to the questions, and results:

The Questions

1. There is one God. Agree, High priority. If there isn’t, what am I wasting my time for?

2. God (Godhead) exists as three distinct Persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Agree, High priority. This was settled a long time ago.

3. The Bible is free from error Agree, _Medium_ priority. This is such a nuanced issue. I believe in the plenary inspiration and divine preservation of scripture, and that the Bible is inerrant and infallible. But since it is a very complicated issue – what one person calls an “error”, another person might not, and we might all agree that the “error” is inconsequential in itself – I just put “Medium”.

4. Jesus is God and man Agree, High priority. If He isn’t, I’m not saved.

5. Jesus physically rose from the dead Agree, High priority. If He didn’t, He wasn’t God, and I’m going to hell.

6. One is saved by God’s Grace through faith in Jesus Christ Agree, High priority. If I’m saved by _anything_ else, I’m not saved. By grace are ye saved through faith.

7. One must be a member of a specific church/organization to be saved . Disagree, High priority. God saved me because of Christ’s atonement, not my good works – even of being in the right church.

8. Salvation can only be found through Jesus Christ Agree, High priority. There is no other name under heaven given whereby man must be saved.

9. God has predestined some to salvation and passes over others based only on His will Agree, _Medium_ priority. I believe it’s a clear Bible teaching, but I know that a few godly men who take the Bible seriously have come to other conclusions.

10. All will be saved Disagree, High priority. The Bible is clear that many will not be saved.

11. Once saved, always saved (Eternal Security) Agree, High priority. This is a function of the essential nature of salvation itself. I didn’t get myself saved, I don’t keep myself saved. I prefer the “Perseverance of the Saints” take on this, though.

12. Pacifism is important Disagree, _Low_ priority. The Bible says nothing that requires pacifism, but it’s not a big deal to me.

13. Water baptism should be practiced Agree, high priority. The Bible teaches it.

14. Infants can (or should) be baptized Disagree, _Low_ priority. I believe that only adult believers should be baptized, but I don’t have serious issues with the _Protestant_ paedobaptism position.

15. Baptism saves (or regenerates, or washes away sin) Disagree, High priority. What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

16. Christ is physically present in communion No opinion, Low priority. I am somewhere between the “memorial only” view and Calvin’s view. I do not agree with the Lutheran or Roman Catholic view.

17. Infants can receive communion Disagree, Low priority. Since I do not believe in paedobaptism, it would be weird to support paedocommunion. But I’m not sure why one would baptize and infant but not give them communion.

18. Tradition plays a part in the church Agree, Medium priority. Tradition is valuable. Not worthless, and not _invaluable_, but valuable.

19. There a literal Heaven and Hell Agree, High priority. That’s the way the Bible presents it.

20. The preferred day of worship (or Sabbath) is Sunday Agree, High priority. This has been the practice of the New Testament church since the beginning.

21. People receive charismatic gifts today (tongues, prophesy) Disagree, Low priority. I do not believe the cessationist view has much scriptural support, but on the other hand, I do not see much historical support for charismatic gifts. They are generally practiced unscripturally, as far as I can tell, too.

22. A woman can serve as a pastor or a church minister Disagree, High priority. My issue is not with women pastors, but with the attitude one must take towards the Bible in order to support women as pastors. Scripture repeatedly forbids women from being pastors.

23. Infallible authority in faith is invested in a single person (or few/many people) Disagree, High priority. Unless that “single person” is God, but I don’t think that was the idea. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth, but I think we are the _custodians_ of the truth; we do not have any _infallible_ authority.

24. Only scripture should be used as a rule of faith Agree, Medium priority. I put “Medium” because tradition, creeds, commentaries, etc., are all very valuable. But they are not “a rule of faith”.

The Results

1 Reformed Baptist
2 Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
3 Reformed Churches
4 Southern Baptist
5 Presbyterian Church USA
6 Free Will Baptist
7 Assemblies of God
8 Mennonite Brethren
9 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
10 Methodist/Weslyian Church
11 Church of Christ
12 Orthodox Quakerism
13 Evangelical Lutheran Church
14 International Church of Christ
15 Episcopal/Anglican Church
16 Seventh-Day Adventist
17 United Pentecostal Church
18 Eastern Orthodox Church
19 Roman Catholic Church
20 Jehovah’s Witness
21 Mormonism
22 Liberal Quakerism
23 Unitarian Universalism
24 Unity Church

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3 Responses to Christian Denomination Selector

  1. Dan G. says:

    Funny you mentioned cessationist theology. My friend Adam and I have been struggling with the idea for the last six weeks or so, due to a doctrinal statement he was given to sign – one in favor of cessationalism. So we’ve been looking into it. I’d be interested to see anything you may have come up with on the subject in your own study…

    I’m leaning toward saying the gifts exist – and will exist until the return of Christ – but that they are, as you state, very often misused.

  2. Casey Campbell says:

    It’s odd that most of your answers refer to the Bible’s teaching, but when it comes to the question about charismatic gifts you refer to history and experience.

  3. You might notice that I put “low priority” on the question of charismatic gifts, simply because there is not a lot of evidence one way or the other.

    However, there are some rules on how it should be practiced. Women must be silent in the church, but I believe many charismatics ignore that directive. Tongues must be interpreted. Many charismatics apparently disregard that as well. Tongues must be practiced in an orderly manner. Many charismatics ignore that.

    The manner in which tongues, etc., seem to be typically practiced today is entirely incompatible with the Biblical norms of dignity and reverence, and is in complete disregard of several clear scriptual regulations surrounding their use. The charismatics do not have the moral or scriptural high ground here.

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