My Father-in-Law is Doing OK

On Friday evening we got a phone call that my father-in-law needed an emergency bypass on Monday morning. He hadn’t been having any symptoms of heart trouble, but the doctor noticed that his heart sounded funny during a visit for something unrelated. A stress test indicated something was wrong, and the results of a heart cath meant the doctor wouldn’t let him leave the hospital.

My in-laws have no family in the area – all the kids (my wife, her brother, her sister) are all in the north Texas / DFW area. So my wife, her sister, and my brother’s wife (he couldn’t get off of work) loaded up on Sunday morning and drove to New Orleans.

There were some complications, but everything seems to be OK now. My wife is heading back today. I’m happy that my father in law is OK, and that my wife will be home tonight. We’ve done ok without her, largely because my mom came to stay with us.

What is it with the men in my family? First my dad (2 or 3 times!), then my granddad (maternal grandfather) and now my father in law! Guess I better start working out.

This does give me some ways to torment my father in law. When they finished the bypass and sewed him back up, he continued to bleed and they had to do another surgery to find out and fix what was wrong. This confirms that he is a _bleeding heart liberal_. And his blood is naturally thin, so they had to give him some more blood and some plasma to help thicken it up. They had to give him _Republican_ blood – good thick stuff, instead of that runny Democrat blood. I think I’ll get some mileage out of those.

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2 Responses to My Father-in-Law is Doing OK

  1. Monica says:

    Wow, I’m glad he’s ok! I like the bleeding heart liberal slant, good for a lot of milage I’m sure! Keep us posted on his recovery!

  2. Patrick says:

    Good to hear he’s doing better. I guess you better start giving some of that “good Republican blood” a little more often… that plasma and platelets comes from me, the good bleeding heart liberal. You can give it 24 times a year… so far this calendar year I’ve been to the red cross to donate 9 times. I only have given 21 times in the past 12 months, but I challenge you to top it.

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