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The Right to Live a Quiet and Peacable Life

Michael Gallaugher linked to a group called Christian Exodus. Looks like it is similar to the Free State Project, except it seeks to secede from the union and establish a Christian nation. I think this is a bad idea. For … Continue reading

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Pharisees Today

[The following rant was precipitated by someone who announced “Where we differ is that you have more of a legalistic approach to the Christian faith and I have a more liberating view of it. I say it is easier to … Continue reading

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Faith and Science

From the “Changing the Subject” department… I’ve always liked to believe that I have a reasonable and informed faith. One that meshes well with the observed world. An intelligent faith. Sometimes our faith will run into things like the age … Continue reading

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Hating the Sinner?

Our modern cliche holds that Christians should “love the sinner, but hate the sin”. A homosexual columnist for SMU’s student newspaper once referred to that as “the most condescending phrase in the English language” and I think he’s right. It’s … Continue reading

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Nicholas Raymond Williams

Nicholas Raymond Williams, my third son, was born via C-Section on Friday. He was 8 lbs, 1 oz and 20.25 inches. He and my wife are doing well, and should be coming home today. I’ll have pictures up soon.

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New Photographs Show US Soldiers Littering, Kicking Puppies

It’s been reported that authorities have come upon the most shocking and disturbing photos of alleged American abuses in Iraq yet – graphic pictures of American GIs kicking puppies and recklessly littering. In other news, photographs previously thought to be … Continue reading

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My Father-in-Law is Doing OK

On Friday evening we got a phone call that my father-in-law needed an emergency bypass on Monday morning. He hadn’t been having any symptoms of heart trouble, but the doctor noticed that his heart sounded funny during a visit for … Continue reading

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Why Won’t They Apologize?

The man in charge of the US-run prisons in Iraq has apologized for the way some of the Iraqi prisoners were abused. So has General Kimmitt. They use language like “I would like to apologize for our nation and for … Continue reading

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