I Oughta Throw the TV Away

Jen asks what’s changed with your TV viewing habits?

I hardly watch any TV, but in the past month or so I’ve come very close to heaving a brick through the screen.

For starters, I didn’t know it, but apparently one can say “a$$” on broadcast TV! I was flipping channels the other night – ABC, CBS, and so on. It was maybe 8:00 pm. I hit a sitcom where a girl (looks to be a teenager) used that word during the 3-5 seconds I had the show on! So I changed the channel and muted it. Then I found another sitcom which looked funny – some guy was watching his nephew and wound up taking him to the emergency room for stitches and was afraid to tell the kid’s dad about it. And I’m sure it was funny, except that the uncle said something to his young nephew about someone being “a pain in the @$$”. So I just turned the TV off. I’m told you can say much more than that, too.

Last night, I was flipping through the news channels pretty quickly, maybe 2 seconds on each channel. Fox was interviewing someone. Boring. Switched to CNN (I think). Oh, they thought it would be appropriate not to just discuss gay “marriage”, but to show video footage of gay “couples” kissing! That was the absolute first thing on the screen when I flipped to that channel!

Even Trading Spaces – I’ve yet to see an episode where they didn’t take the Lord’s name in vain. And now they flaunt a homosexual couple, the Purple team, on Trading Spaces: Home Free. I saw an episode not too long ago where one of the men (don’t know if it was a homeowner or cast member or what) came walking into a room wearing nothing but a tool belt.

You know, if the bad stuff were confined to MTV, Spike TV, FX, USA, HBO, and so on, that would be one thing. But when I can’t flip through ABC and CBS to pick up a sitcom without hearing profanity, when I can’t watch cable news without seeing video footage of sodomites smooching, and when even home improvement shows aren’t consistently clean, I wonder what good the TV is anyway. I mean, I know there is stuff that’s not bad, and stuff that’s even good, but do I really want to allow that garbage into my house and pick through all of it in the hopes that I might find a little bit worthwhile? I’m growing less convinced that the effort and danger is worth it.

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4 Responses to I Oughta Throw the TV Away

  1. Liv says:

    You would be surprised what makes it on to network TV now days. The “B” word seems to be making its appearance more and more. And sexuality is in everything. Shoot, I have to monitor the disney channel and nickelodean sometimes because their commercials or their cartoons get a little questionable. If its not sexuality on kids networks it seems to be this new wave of cartoons where the kids are being horribly disrespectful to their parents and calling each other stupid, dummie, idiot, moron…all that stuff. Words that I was NEVER allowed to say let alone watch growing up. It is really sad.

  2. Jared says:

    Gay couples on Trading Spaces?! Yikes.
    Yet another reason to cancel cable. (Not that homos aren’t depicted in extremis on network TV.)

  3. Bird says:

    Buy DVDs, tv stinks.

  4. Larry says:

    Brother, I gave my cable TV up last July and now only have the rabbit ears. My heart feels a lot lighter and not so troubled. At present, I also am wrestling with just getting rid of this sewer pipe from hell completely. All I really watch is the local and national news, yet it seems so biased and slanted it appearss to be just propaganda and efforts to brainwash me. Yeah….it’s wearisom to dig through all the filth to find a tidbit that’s only marginally wholesome to consume. May the Lord strengthen my resolve. amen.

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