What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading “A New Kind of Christian”, graciously loaned to me by a good friend.

This quote from the back cover really got my goat: “McLaren’s _A New Kind of Christian_ is a street-level, lived excursion into this present millennium – a world where ministry by control, condescension, and smug certainty gives way to incarnational faith.”

Regardless, I’m actually trying to read it with a very open mind. Can you imagine me as a postmodernist?

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One Response to What I’m Reading

  1. Ian says:

    I haven’t read it yet (although it’s on my list), but I don’t think McClaren is one of the arrogant “change or die” types. I think it’s more about asking the questions about how well our modern view of/approach to God is helping people walk with Him, and how those people it’s not working for can view/approach God in a way that fits them better. I’m not talking about rejecting uncomfortable doctrine or anything like that, and from what I’ve heard he isn’t really either. What I means is that “there are no forumlas with God,” something the Rick Warrens of the world don’t seem to understand.

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