Random Personal Stuff

I succesfully made the trip to and from Louisiana and now my wife and kids are back at home, where they belong. They had a great time visiting my in-laws, but seriously, you should have seen my boys’ faces when we got home. It was 10:00 at night but they were bouncing off the walls in happiness. I’m glad to be done driving; 11 hours in the car is just a bit too much for me. And I don’t like being away from my family, not one little bit.

I listened to some good sermons on the drive(s) to and from Louisiana. I had a set from Tommy Nelson, then I downloaded some by AW Tozer, and an audio book by AW Pink “Refuting Dispensationalism”. I loved Tommy Nelson and AW Tozer, but I hated Pink’s book. I didn’t like the quality of the recording, or the tone in which the book was written, although the material was interesting. I’m going to have to listen to Tommy Nelson and AW Tozer again; I had lots of thoughts but obviously I can’t take notes while driving. Tozer just rocks.

Speaking of the drive, my most brilliant move in my whole life was to set my laptop up to play DVDs for my boys to watch while we drove. It made the trip SO much nicer.

Granddad is doing well. His heart is doing fine now. He still has lung cancer which they will treat with chemotherapy, but I don’t think it’s too big of a problem. He’s up and about and says he feels much better, although he does tire out kind of quickly. I think that’s probably to be expected.

Teaching reprobation in a class entitled “Theology _101_” might not be the best idea. My class is now down to 8-10 people. I think some babes choked on some meat; oops. I’m no longer teaching soteriology, but have moved on to ecclesiology. The class is scheduled to end in about 8 weeks, and I’m ready for a break. I’m planning on reworking the class a bit, probably dividing it into 2-3 distinct classes, expanding some material, and so on. Many people need a more basic set of theology to start with. OTOH, one woman last Sunday was trying to get me to explain covenants vs. dispensationalism and the difference between physical and spiritual Israel and all that. I pretty much said “Beats me; I’ll try to learn something over the summer” although I affirmed that our church is dispensational.

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