Personal Update

I’ve been in Louisiana for my wife’s brother’s wedding, which was Saturday. We planned to stay through Tuesday and return home on Wednesday.

Monday, Mom called to let me know that the doctors were going to do angioplasty and put in stents in Granddad, and that there was about a 10% chance he wouldn’t make it. The “procedure” (such an innocuous name for a scary thing) was scheduled for Tuesday.

I couldn’t really cut everyone’s trip short since my mother-in-law had already taken vacation days and we’d make plans, but I wanted to be there for the procedure. So I jumped in my car and came home, leaving my wife and kids with my in-laws.

They put in two stents yesterday. I guess they have to put in some kind of radioactive dye so they can see what’s going on, and Granddad’s kidneys were not doing a good job of filtering that out. So they had to stop before taking care of the third artery, to give his kidneys time to catch up.

Due to some miscommunication, we didn’t find out until 7:30 this morning that he was first on the list today. By the time I got there, he was already done and everything is fine. “Fine” is a relative term; he still has the beginnings of lung cancer which they’ll treat with chemotherapy, but the doctors say there is only 1 small tumor and it shouldn’t be too bad.

Meanwhile, I’m about to go nuts being away from my wife and kids. I’m going to head down and get them on Friday and come back on Saturday. I’ve got a good sermon series by Tommy Nelson that helped pass the time, and I guess I’ll download some John Piper for the 10 hour return trip. I’m staying with my Mom and Dad until then, because I’ll get lonely. It’s funny, this is the _perfect_ opportunity for me to catch up on reading and movies, and I have absolutely no desire to do that. I’m pathetic.

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  1. Vikkie says:

    Yikes. I have been praying for your Grand Dad. I really hope you get to see your family soon also.

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