Personal Update

My grandfather, who is in his early 70s, went to have back surgery last Thursday or Friday. He had slipped a disc, which was pinching one of his nerves and making him unable to walk.

After the surgery, the doctors noticed that his EKG looked weird. At first they thought he’d had a heart attack during the surgery. Then they noticed that his pre-operation EKG _also_ looked weird. So they took him in for a heart cath.

We got a call this afternoon around 2:00.

Every artery to his heart is about 95% blocked. I guess 50 years of smoking, plus eating fried potatoes once or twice a day (seriously) isn’t the healthiest lifestyle known to man.

Given his age, the doctors are a bit nervous about doing another surgery so soon. Given his heart condition, they are a bit nervous about any delay at all. They won’t let him go home from the hospital, although he’s not recovered enough from his back surgery to go home anyway.

To top it off, they think he’s coming down with pneumonia. I don’t have to tell you what that could mean.

We put a new roof on granddad’s house not too long ago after a hailstorm tore up the old one. My uncle decided to put a metal roof on. Granddad told me “This roof comes with a 30 year waranty. Not that I really care!” It was funny at the time, but I was expecting he had a good 15 years left anyway. Now we’re all pretty worried.

On a brighter note, my sister will have her baby by C-section on Friday. So I’ll get to be an uncle. :-)

Right around the time both of my sons were born, my dad has had heart problems. I guess he swapped with granddad when it was my sister’s turn. I really wish they’d cut this out.

Update (2/4/03): Granddad is _not_ coming down with pneumonia. It appears that someone in the family misunderstood something the nurses or doctors said. So that’s good news. Now he’s just waiting for the doctors to decide he’s recovered enough for surgery.

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3 Responses to Personal Update

  1. Patrick says:

    I’ll keep your grandfather in my prayers. Hopefully things will be better by the time that I’m able to make it up to see you guys at the end of the month.

  2. Vikkie says:

    Wow, I will definatly be praying for your sister and your grandfather. Congrats on the new Uncle thing!

  3. Mac Swift says:

    Prayers for health and speedy recoveries for them all, and congrats as to your new status as an uncle!

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