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Where Have All the Backbones Gone?

Here’s an article worth reading: Note the gender of the author.

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Love and Truth

“speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) I’ve always been irked by comments about “balancing truth and love”, because the picture it brings to my mind is that somehow truth and love are opposites or contradictory. I just don’t believe … Continue reading

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Random Personal Stuff

I succesfully made the trip to and from Louisiana and now my wife and kids are back at home, where they belong. They had a great time visiting my in-laws, but seriously, you should have seen my boys’ faces when … Continue reading

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Personal Update

I’ve been in Louisiana for my wife’s brother’s wedding, which was Saturday. We planned to stay through Tuesday and return home on Wednesday. Monday, Mom called to let me know that the doctors were going to do angioplasty and put … Continue reading

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Thoughts on NKOC

I read A New Kind of Christian on the car trip down here to New Orleans. Since it was in the car, I didn’t really have an opportunity to take notes and all, and I did kind of read it … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading “A New Kind of Christian”, graciously loaned to me by a good friend. This quote from the back cover really got my goat: “McLaren’s _A New Kind of Christian_ is a street-level, lived excursion into this present … Continue reading

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Update on Granddad

Turns out Granddad _also_ has lung cancer. The doctors say it’s very fortunate that they caught it now, because it wasn’t there two weeks ago. It’s still very small and isolated. Originally they thought they could remove it when they … Continue reading

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Personal Update

My grandfather, who is in his early 70s, went to have back surgery last Thursday or Friday. He had slipped a disc, which was pinching one of his nerves and making him unable to walk. After the surgery, the doctors … Continue reading

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