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I’m teaching a “Theology 101” Sunday School class at church. Until just recently, we hadn’t had too many options for adult Sunday School, so we started my class, a sermon discussion class, and a ladies marriage class. I was running 20-30 people each week, and that was cool. That went on for a few months. A couple of weeks ago, the elders announced that they were adding three classes – one on money management, one on Christian discipleship, and Men’s Fraternity (an alternate time from Wednesday at 6 am) and dropping the sermon discussion class. People were supposed to sign up for which class they wanted so we could see which of the 5 classes to start, based on interest.

When the signup sheet came out, I was upset but pretended to be nonchalant. Only 2 people signed up for my class. I emailed the elders and expressed my willingness to cancel my class until a later date, since it’s silly to have a lot of teachers with only a handful of students each (at least in my lecture-style class). I expected more than 2 people, but I figured it would be a max of 8 or 10. If I’m going to take the time to prepare, I wanted to at least have a decent sized class, you know? We could easily stagger the classes and only offer a couple at a time. They said, just expect to teach and we’ll see who shows up, but nobody really wanted to start a class with only 7 or 8 people.

Nobody in my class shows up until 2 minutes before we start, so at 11:23 when one of the elders stopped by (he’s teaching in the room next to mine), my class was _completely empty_. Not a soul there but me. I was really wondering if I was going to have much of a class. I expected I’d teach whoever was there for a couple of weeks to wrap up soteriology, then talk to the elders about cancelling until later this year. I was almost looking forward to a break.

I wound up with 17 students, about the same number as went to the Money Management class (my wife was in that class). I chastised them for not signing up on the sheet, but they are a rebellious and unruly bunch. Many had been in my class all along, but some were new and many people who had been coming to my class were going to one of the ones the elders taught. I’m just thrilled that God is letting me serve Him by teaching. I absolutely love it! I’m still baffled by the fact that people will come listen to me yammer for half an hour.

This may not be spiritual whitewater rafting, but I love teaching this class.

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  1. Jared says:

    Wow, I’d love 17 students. In my theology class last “semester” I only had 8. I was a little disappointed, especially since I’m better at lecture-type teaching (although I try to make it more like a message than a classroom lesson) than at facilitating discussions.
    I got the prospective entry for my class in the upcoming small group directory to look over this week from our pastor of ministries. It said: Class Limit — 45. I was thinking, “Yeaahhh, right.”

    Glad you are using your gifts in the Body. I think too few of us do.

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