Satan’s Strategies (or not?)

Sometimes I wonder if Satan has strategies that we don’t recognize. When we do actually give him any credit, we usually think in terms of very personal struggles. But is it possible that, like the US foreign policy, he’s as much concerned with subtle cultural changes as with destroying individuals?

I was flipping channels late the other night and one of the Friday the Thirteenth movies was one. Now, I’m not a big horror fan, but I have seen some of the Friday 13th shows when I was a teenager. I had the TV muted and subtitles on so I wouldn’t disturb my boys, and I thought I’d watch a few minutes just for kicks. I was sort of curious to see if I’d still find them as scary as I did 10 years ago.

I found the movie incredibly _boring_. And I remembered parts of it that scared me silly a decade ago. This time, they just looked silly. I don’t think it was just that I’m older and more mature – books and movies still give me the creeps sometimes (Mothman scared me silly). I really think the difference was that _I had the sound off_.

Leandra had watched a couple of movies while she was on bed-rest: Daddy Day Care, and What a Girl Wants. Again, not to disturb the boys while they were napping (and also b/c of a tiny bit of language we didn’t want the boys to hear), she watched them with subtitles on and the sound muted. Her take was that they were decent, but not great.

We talked about this a bit, and we suspect that these moves were unimpressive simply because there was no sound.

That brought to mind something I heard a preacher say a few years ago about TV. He said that, on average, the shot changes every 7 seconds. He said to mute the TV and watch a sitcom and count. Commercials were even worse.

I’m not the kind of guy who sees a demon behind every bush, but I do wonder if Satan is manipulating our culture in subtle but significant ways. For instance, could it be that without the frequent scene changes and soundtracks, our forms of entertainment are just _bland_? And could this be some kind of strategy to reduce our attention span and build up a need to be constantly amused so we can keep our attention on something?

It’s not hard to see what sort of ramifications this would have. Without a reasonable attention span, is anyone really going to read Romans? Spend time in prayer? Listen to expositional preaching and teaching? Can we sit through sermons that talk longer than half and hour and don’t have enough good jokes or touching anecdotes? We fall victim to emotionalism in our worship. Nope, don’t want to sing “Amazing Grace” – that just too long and it’s kind of boring. The Bible? Boring. Now, put it in a magazine format and just maybe I’ll glance at it.

This is just an example. There are plenty of others.

If I were Satan, I’d use strategies like this to keep people from the things of God. I just wonder if he does actually use these strategies. I can’t think of anything in the Bible that clearly indicates he uses this approach. But it certainly makes sense to me.

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3 Responses to Satan’s Strategies (or not?)

  1. larry says:

    And how do we boil a frog my friend? Years ago, while in bible school, I wss taking a class where the instructor told how the chi-com brain washed the peasents about mass murder. They would order everyone out into the field to watch an execution. After awhile, executions and violent death became routine. I see *PLENTY* of commandments and examples in the psalms where God tells His children to stay saturated with His word—-but few take it to heart; sensuality is more than just sex or drugs or glutony, and it would appear believers are being inundated with temptations for sensual entertainment. Furthermore, it appears that many believers who are aware of the call of the flesh and refuse it, then succumb to christian ‘entertainment’ that brings no glory to God as God. Check out all the ‘christian’ CDs, pop ‘christian’ books and ‘christian’ coffee mugs that are sold each year. All the while are inner cities are becoming more corrupt with violence, drugs, poverty and hopelessness.

  2. Alan Braun says:

    I believe the main strategy that Satan uses is the counterfeit revival. A church looks like it’s on fire, & you’re sure they care, but then they let you down by making you think Christianity is a bore by boring you & making you think all it is is sitting around & farting.
    In my case, I’m a musician, & no-one at church will start a band with me, none of the church women will date me, they all date the world. They are trying to convince me to fall away by letting me know Christianity is boring!
    They don’t believe Christ can heal anymore, they don’t believe Christ can raise from the dead anymore, & they don’t share or be meek & kind, plus they’re violent & mean & do everything the world does. This is not how it is in the Bible! This to me is the most clever strategy because it makes me despair & sometimes sin just to get through the day with my sanity.
    What can we do? If I confront them, will they even care? I’ve been trying to get around this one all my Christian life.

    Alan Braun

  3. Servant says:

    I have a strong message to all you satanists, paganists, heathenists, atheists, new-age warlock and witches, unbelievers, who might be reading this, and anyone else who is stupid enough to believe that there is no god and Jesus, or that the devil actually gives a shit about ANY of one of you—IN WHICH HE DOESN’T.
    He is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, more than a mentally deranged ex-archangel who’s only goal is to brainwash all of you into thinking that he’s something worth worshiping, when in reality, he only wants to drag ALL of you straight into hell to burn for eternity along with HIS soul and the soul of his bastard son, the anti-christ.
    Why do you all want to follow this loser to hell, when his only goal is to have you all burn for eternity with him??
    I have visions of people in hell and believe me, they would scare the shit out of ANY of you, regardless of the fact that some of you might be able to imagine what hell is like and assume that it isn’t that bad—but it’s a lot more than you can imagine.
    You all have no idea of what hell is like–at all.
    Most of you are probably adults and teenagers who know better, and you’re all thinking that you’re all invincible and that nothing bad will happen if you follow the devil. But since you all believe in this spiritual prick, then you must know where his fate lies on judgement day.
    Yeah…yeah…you’re all probably thinking that I’m some loonie or a self-righteous pastor, but the truth is, I’m a young woman who’s a lone soldier in this spiritual battle-ground who used to be into all that new-age bullshit. But it did didley-squat for me and it almost killed my mind and my soul.
    I REALLY DON’T CARE, if I offend anyone or if I shatter anyone’s dellusional thinking of how wonderful it is to be evil and to follow satan because he’s evil.
    I MEAN TO DO THAT, because I’m merely telling you all the truth.
    If you all think seriously about it, then you’ll find out that I’m telling the truth.
    So my message is THIS:
    Get the hell away from him and his bullshit while you all still have a chance, while you’re all still alive!!!! Because believe me, you will NOT get another chance to do it after you’re dead and being burned alive in hell—for eternity.

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