Family News

My wife had an ob/gyn appointment on Monday. The doctor confirmed that everything is healed up.

My brother’s wife is expecting, due in July I think. That’s all three couples. It’s funny to me. My brother, my bro-in-law, and I are going to have to form a support group probably. :-)

My cousin, who I wrote about eariler, lost her baby on Sunday night. She’s currently in the hospital due to blood loss. After all they’ve been through, to lose the baby must be even more bitter than it would otherwise.

My sister, who is 6 months pregnant, was rushed to the hospital last night with a LOT of bleeding. She has placenta previa, and is in the hospital until tomorrow probably, and then will be on bed-rest for a week or more. The baby is fine, but the danger is that my sister will hemorrhage and die if she starts bleeding again. The doctor is giving her some kind of medicine to help her baby’s lungs develop, just in case they have to deliver early. He’s given her a 25% chance for the placenta to move; otherwise she’ll have to have a C-section a week or so before she’s due. A century ago this condition would have been catastrophic and killed both the baby and the mama; today it’s a little bit scary but mostly just a huge inconvenience to keep her on bedrest.

I wish God had made it so people laid eggs like birds.

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  1. Jared says:

    Me too. Becky had partial previa with preborn Grace. I was scared out of my mind, especially since we miscarried last year.

    Prayers all around for all of your family.

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