Back from Daddyland

Leandra’s doctor said on Monday that the abruption was almost completely healed! He said to kind of take it easy, but things look fine. We’re all relieved.

I think my son Joshua might be the most relieved. When Mommy is on the couch and Daddy is in charge of cooking, cleaning, baths, etc., things are just a wee bit _different_. Heh.

One morning, Leandra made some wisecrack about how it was 9:30 and we were all still in our pajamas finishing breakfast. I retorted, “Welcome to Daddyland!” Joshua picked up on it and laughed “Mommy, you are _trapped_ in Daddyland!”

Later that night, though, it turned into more of a lament. “We’re _all_ trapped in Daddyland!” :-)

Leandra has a place for each of the toys. Some go in this drawer, others in that cabinet, some on that shelf, etc. This is not the case in Daddyland. I’d gotten some maternity clothes down out of the attic and Joshua had been playing in the box. So at the end of the day, we just put all the toys in the cardboard box. As we were cleaning up at the end of one day, Joshua looked at Leandra and said, sort of in a teasing way, “This is Daddyland, where toys go in boxes!”

One thing that is clearly better in Daddyland is bathtime. OK, so you might get some soap in your eyes. But the bath only takes 2 minutes and you get to play for like half an hour. And Daddy puts in ALL the bath toys, plus bubbles, plus some stuff that turns the water different colors.

But now Mommy is off the couch, and Daddyland has come to an end. I, for one, am glad to see it go!

(In my defense, I’m sure if I’d been a SAHD for the past 3 years, Daddyland would be just as nice as Mommyland.)

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