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Family News

My wife had an ob/gyn appointment on Monday. The doctor confirmed that everything is healed up. My brother’s wife is expecting, due in July I think. That’s all three couples. It’s funny to me. My brother, my bro-in-law, and I … Continue reading

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God’s church has many responsibilities – preaching and teaching, ministry, prayer, mercy, outreach, fellowship, and so on. But none of these are what the church _is_. The church is not a school, not a charity, not a prayer group. The … Continue reading

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I Love Your Law

[If you think this post is directed at you, it isn’t, so please don’t take it that way. Regardless what conversations you and I may or may not have had in the distant or recent or immediate past. Really. Please … Continue reading

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Satan’s Strategies (or not?)

Sometimes I wonder if Satan has strategies that we don’t recognize. When we do actually give him any credit, we usually think in terms of very personal struggles. But is it possible that, like the US foreign policy, he’s as … Continue reading

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Back from Daddyland

Leandra’s doctor said on Monday that the abruption was almost completely healed! He said to kind of take it easy, but things look fine. We’re all relieved. I think my son Joshua might be the most relieved. When Mommy is … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update

Leandra’s ob/gyn sent us to a specialist today who can do a “level 2 ultrasound”. He said that he didn’t see anything to be alarmed by, and “the prognosis for this pregnancy is very good”. He agreed with bed rest … Continue reading

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God’s Velvet Hammer

I told my pastor I didn’t think it was necessary for him to aim this _entire_ sermon directly at me. He insists it wasn’t, but it sure felt like it. Which is just another way of saying, I was very … Continue reading

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Personal Update

Well, the pregnancy saga continues. Leandra had some more bleeding on Sunday night after kind of a busy weekend. She called the doctor Monday morning and they told her to be there in an hour. The doctor put her on … Continue reading

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