Collin County Gun Range

Kim du Toit wrote about the city of McKinney, Texas trying to shut down Collin County Gun Range. Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler also picked up on it. Both were very disappointed (that’s an understatement!) in the NRA for apparently not stepping up to the plate and helping out CCGR.

I contacted the Texas State Rifle Association about this, which is a state organization somehow affiliated with the NRA (not sure of the exact relationship).

Alice Tripp of the TSRA responded to me very quickly. Here’s her reply.

Mr. Williams
I believe that NRA contributed many thousands of dollars to the defense of the range (I seem to remember the amount was $10,000 or more).

Also, TSRA was contacted early on…very early on, 3 years ago, and attended many of the early hearings to learn as much as possible the history and story around the range.

The annexing of the land the range sits on could not be stopped. This meant that the range was now subject to a whole new authority, the city of McKinney. Some ranges survive being annexed into cities because of a continuous good relationship with their neighbors and others don’t. Some ranges are highly profitable businesses and are able to sue a city to recover the loss of their source of income, other businesses are not profitable and can’t sue for what they have not lost.

I personally involved several state reps in the Collin Co. Range situration a couple of years ago. We couldn’t stop the urban sprawl and we couldn’t stop the annex. I hope if the range ultimately closes that they make a bundle on their land and find a better place to move.

In 1999 we were able to pass legislation to protect shooting ranges in unincoporated areas (counties). This legislation stops ranges for being harassed for noise or other nuisance problems (short of safety) and it didn’t matter who was their first, the range has the advantage.

Be assurred that TSRA and NRA have been very concerned and as involved as we were asked to be and as we were able.

The loss of any safe place to shoot is felt by the whole community.

Alice Tripp

I’m not sure why there is such a discrepancy in the two accounts of CCGR’s plight, but it does sound like the NRA and TSRA have been somewhat involved in helping them.

I guess I will go ahead and renew my NRA membership next month, and probably join TSRA too.

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3 Responses to Collin County Gun Range

  1. Publicola says:

    I’d encourage you to rethink your rethinking of renewing an NRA membership.

    Yf you go to my blog look on the left margin under the ‘previous posts by category’ section. There’s one devoted to the NRA. In it you’ll also find links ot other sites which have less than a positive view of the NRA’s efforts.

    State organizations such as the TSRA are affiliated with the NRA, but seperate orgs. Kinda like a parent-child relationship. In any event I wouldn’t trust assertions made in a letter by a state group affiliated with the NRA. Ask to see the cancalled chek before you accept the $ amount.

    All in all, the GOA & the JPFO are better uses of your cash than the NRA, unless you believe in what the NRA is doing politically, in which case it’d be quicker to join VPC or one of the Brady groups. Yes, I’m harsh on the NRA but I feel they deserve it.
    They are a great prg for promoting shooting sports, safety education & the like. But when it comes to politics they hurt us more often than help us.

    If you’d like more detail feel free to contact me.

  2. Kathy says:

    My name is Kathy McCormick, and I am writing a paper on the Collin County Gun Range for my gradute dispute resolution class. I would be very interested in any information you could send my way in regards to the CCGR and relevant laws, etc.. I really appreceite you help and I am a fellow gun rights fan. I also agree with your take on the NRA, but that is another subject.

  3. Kathy,

    The best I can do for you is suggest you contact Alice Tripp at TSRA. Her contact info is available at the TSRA website

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