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Be Careful Little Eyes, What You See

Jake Rinard points to a WND article about a Wiccan group asserting that Harry Potter is increasing interest in witchcraft, and asks “why Christian parents are even letting these [Harry Potter] books and movies around their kids”. Christ taught that … Continue reading

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The Importance of Words

In response to my earlier post about the Aussie Bible, a reader contended: It doesn’t matter how the message is said, as long as it teaches the same lessons we’ve all been taught I believe, rather, that the message cannot … Continue reading

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The Aussie Bible

G’day Jesus, say the three wise eggheads A man by the name of Kel Richards has “translated” parts of the Bible into Australian slang. The Virgin Mary is a “pretty special sheila” who wraps her nipper in a bunny rug … Continue reading

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