Fox News vs the Rest

The lead story at right now is about the return home of the USS Abraham Lincoln. It’s a very touching story, and conveys a very supportive attitude towards our troops and our President. It really hammers home the fact that our soldiers, and their families, willingly made sacrifices to protect us, and that they believe in the President and the mission he sent them on.

Here’s a sample:

Sailors carried flowers and presents for their families as they walked down the ship’s ramp through an arch of red, white and blue balloons, and then stepped into the crowd.

“It’s been 10 months — 10 long months — but we know that he’s been in God’s hands,” said another mom. “All this has been for a purpose. God bless the USA and God bless the president for taking a stand against Saddam and against all evilness.”

Hundreds if not thousands greeted the aircraft carrier at the water’s edge, waving signs and flags in support of the troops.

Still giddy from Thursday’s visit by President Bush, the sailors landed with a spring in their step after the commander in chief told them they had served their country well.

About 2,500 sailors on the deck of the 1,092-foot-long Nimitz-class carrier cheered wildly as Bush told them they were “homeward bound.”

Many said they were surprised by how down-to-earth Bush seemed.

Many of the 5,000 sailors said they will never forget their last day away from port and several praised Bush for making it special.

“It’s like when you thought everybody forgot about you,” said Djossou. “He came out here and made everything better because he didn’t forget.”

The lead story at CNN? Scott Peterson hired Winona Ryder’s old lawyer.

ABC News features a story about Elizabeth Smart.

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