Iraqi-Americans Want to Fight Saddam

Fox News has another story that we must not forget when the revisionists strike.

Emad Alkased of the Iraqi Youth Reunion ? an educational group that wants to rebuild a post-Saddam Iraq ? has been leading a recruiting drive in Dearborn, which has the largest ethnic Iraqi community of any U.S. city.

The drive is part of an all-out appeal to Iraqi-Americans who want to return to their homeland to help the U.S.-led coalition topple the dictatorship.

“I don’t want American people to die for my country ? I want me to be the first one,” Alkased said. “I appreciate what American people are doing for my country, but I don’t want them to spend their blood. I am ready to spend blood for my country.”

Dave Alwatan needs no convincing.

“As an American Iraqi, all our people here want to go in the front of the American military to fight Saddam’s regime,” he said.

Alwatan’s nephew has brain damage and facial scars after Iraqi soldiers kicked him in the face when he was a year old in order to get information during the first Gulf War. Alwatan said the military was searching for him and his brother.

“I want to fight Saddam’s regime, not our people,” he said. “Saddam will never, ever go away without fighting. We know that. Saddam, he must go very soon.”

Another Iraqi-American, Thea Alemari, said there’s no doubt it’s time for the dictator to go.

“You can’t breathe. If you need to breathe, you have to have approval from government to say something,” he said. “If you say something about the government, you be in jail or you’ll be killed.”

“We can speak to the people of Iraq, we have connection with the people of Iraq,” Alemari added. “They feel not safe right now, but when we talk to them, I think we have large support inside Iraq.”

Alemari said many Iraqis were afraid to speak out or aid coalition forces because they feared the current regime would survive this war, as it did the first Gulf War.

“It’s my backyard. It is my city. It is my village. It is my people,” said Casey Mahuba of the Iraqi Youth Union. “I know who is Fedayeen, who is Baath and who is honest people.”

She said many people in Dearborn were willing to fight.

“We will liberate our country. We will free Iraq no matter which it is going to cost us,” Alkased said. “This is the last choice for us and this is what we are going to do.”

Mahuba said fighting for her country would be worth her life.

“For me it is the freedom. It is my country. I want to sacrifice myself there,” she said. “I want to die there if that is what it is going to cost. The price is the freedom.”

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