Obligatory Abortion Post

It’s always been somewhat disconcerting to me that my birthday is on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I was born two years after the US Supreme Court overrode Texas state law and permitted abortion on demand.

I believe abortion is infanticide; it’s murder. There are only a handful of situations I can imagine justifying an abortion – things such as a tubal pregnancy, or situations in which the mother certainy would die as a result of the birth.

I believe that the only two logical answers to “when does life begin” are “at conception” or “at birth”. Those are the only two discernable, non-gradual changes I’m aware of in a baby’s development. If you choose any other point (say, the end of the first trimester), I’ll simply ask “What about just one day before? Just one day?” over and over again to demonstrate that your selection is entirely arbitrary.

I can’t imagine that anyone who has seen a late-term sonogram or felt a baby move while still in the womb would agree that life begins at birth. So the only logical candidate for the beginning of life is the moment of conception.

My belief that life begins at conception is also established from scripture. In Jeremiah, God says that He knows us even before He forms us in the womb. And in Psalms, we read a description of God forming us. Now how God knows an unviable mass of tissue is beyond me. The idea that He knows baby humans before they are born, now that makes sense.

Clearly, if a developing baby is alive, it is a living human being. And consequently it’s murder to kill that baby, except possibly in the most exceptional circumstances.

I’ll even go further. I have a hard time condemning those who kill abortionists. What I mean is, I feel (“feel”, not necessarily “think” – those words have different meanings!) that it’s wrong to shoot an abortionist, but I’m not at all sure why it’s wrong. The only resolution I can come to is that it’s legal, and God has not entrusted the sword to me to execute judgment. I’m quite certain that a great many doctors and nurses, women who’ve had abortions, and other folks who have encouraged or financed abortion, will be held accountible by God one day.

I take some comfort in knowing that God is just, and that these people will pay for their horrific sins unless they repent. And I also believe that God keeps those murdered babies with Him in heaven. I can’t prove that scripturally, but neither can the inverse be proven, so I hold it solely as an opinion based on my understanding of the character of God.

A couple of years ago, a pastor of mine, on the Sunday following 1/22, had all people born since 1/22/73 stand at the front of the church. I remember watching all the children walk down front. When my wife and I made our way down, I remember the preacher looking at us (and a few other people our age) in amazement and saying “You too? I didn’t realize how long it had been!”

30 years of legalized murder is atrocious. God rained down fire from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah for crimes that I think pale in comparison to ours. I hate to think what His punishment on us might be like.

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