Infant Left to Die in Port-A-Potty : Infant Left to Die in Toilet, Law Debated

Gabriel Estrada, 18, will appear in Kenosha County court to face attempted first-degree intentional homicide charges for allegedly leaving his newborn son to die in a portable park toilet hours after the baby’s birth on Jan. 13.

After his girlfriend gave birth, Estrada opted not to follow her wish that he drop the infant off at a church or at a police station. Instead, … Estrada abandoned his son, realizing the tiny boy would likely die in below-freezing temperatures.

Gabriel Estrada remains jailed on $500,000 cash bond and could face up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

[The rest of the article is a discussion of the effectiveness of child safe haven laws, such as Wisconsin has, that provide the ability to abandon newborns at hospitals, police stations, and fire stations and be protected from prosecution.]

Estrada had months to think about what to do when the baby was born and this is the best plan he could come up with? Let it die? Couldn’t he at least put the baby in a basket, left it on a doorstep, knocked, and ran?

Whatever they decide to do to Gabriel Estrada, his punishment should include being left wet and naked in a dark port-a-potty on a cold Wisconsin winter night for a few hours.

Praise the Lord that someone saved that little baby from such an awful death. And praise the Lord that they caught the monster(s) that left him there to die.

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3 Responses to Infant Left to Die in Port-A-Potty

  1. amy says:

    And to think, if they had just been willing to murder the child one day earlier, no one would even blink.

  2. Robert says:

    The real horror is Estrada opted not to follow [the mother’s] wish. :-)

  3. amy says:

    To me, that is no different then the thousands of babies that are aborted each year with out the father’s consent.

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