Christian Commercialism

There is a really popular Christian talk radio station here in North Texas that I listen to a lot. It has a lot of good preaching and teaching as well as an afternoon talk show I like.

But I don’t like the commercials much. Some of them are good, but what bothers me is the number that are designed to appeal to human vanity and consumerism.

For example, there are regularly ads that try to get you to buy a new car. Or worse, to lease one so you are always in a late model car. But that’s nothing compared to the plastic surgery ads! Or the ones featuring laser hair removal and microderm abrasion.

If this were a secular station, they wouldn’t bother me at all. But there seems to be an incongruity between these stations and Christ’s teachings. Excellent Biblical teaching is followed by 30 second ads that are begging you not to “seek…first the kingdom of God” but instead desperately want you to lay up treasures here on earth.

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One Response to Christian Commercialism

  1. Bene Diction says:

    Broadcasters have two choices, beg or let advertisers pay the bills. Still sucks though.It disgusts me that news is so economically driven and dependant. Blog on!

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