Christian Women and Modesty

Christian women have obligation to dress modestly, Mary Mohler says – (BP)

Mary Mohler believes there are certain clothes Christian women should never wear. Ever.

Whether it be miniskirts, hip-hugger jeans or skin-tight shirts, Mohler — wife of seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. — believes they should be avoided. Her reason? Christian women have a biblical obligation to dress modestly and reflect holiness.

“The [world’s] attitude is if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” she said. “Leave as little to the imagination as possible. Regenerate Christian women, I don’t believe, leave home with this attitude. We seek to live godly, holy lives.”

“It’s a timeless problem,” she said. “In biblical times there were problems with how women dressed.”

Mohler suggested that women sort through their closet and “throw away some things that really do not pass the test. Does God care how we dress? You bet he does. He cares about every aspect of our life, and we are called to holiness.”

Mohler gave a list of items that her daughter will never be allowed to wear: halter tops, tube tops, skin-tight shirts, low-cut shirts, midriff-exposing shirts, miniskirts, short shorts and anything from Abercrombie and Fitch.

“Do I sound like an authoritarian parent?” she asked. “I hope so. Because I am a parent, and as parents we are given a lot of different jobs, and it’s challenging. We are to love our children and shepherd them and nurture them. But we’re also to teach them … because they’re still children. They need direction.”

Good stuff.

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9 Responses to Christian Women and Modesty

  1. anna says:

    as a non-christian, just offering some perspective… i don’t think these should be exclusively held as christian values. i would hope that any sensible parent would apply these same rules. if i had kids, there’s no way i’d let them dress like britney spears.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can look tasteful and completely not trashy in tight pants and miniskirts. And I don’t know if you’re talking about kids ages 10 and 13 or older teenagers like 17 and 18… I agree young kids shouldn’t wear things like that… “Christian women have a biblical obligation to dress modestly and reflect holiness.
    ” Why? I think that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, faith is on the inside, not on the clothing you wear or anything else. I hate how closed-minded Christians are sometimes.

  3. Geraldine Johnson says:

    I do not agree that miniskirts and tight pant is appropriate for christian women and girls

  4. Geraldine Johnson says:

    I do not agree that miniskirts and tight pant is appropriate for christian women and girls

  5. TLTucker says:

    It’s not Christians who are close-minded… GOD is close-minded! He has a narrow path that we must follow… just because you don’t like the path doesn’t mean it isn’t the right one. “Why do we have a Bible obligation to dress modestly?” Because God calls us to do so! As a born-again Christian with the Holy Spirit living inside me, my body is a temple. I am called to dress (and act, and think, and speak, etc.) in a way that brings honor and glory to Him. As a born-again Christian woman, I am called to dress in a way that does not cause men to lust after me… if I dress in a way that causes a man to look on me and sin in their thoughts, then it’s not just THEIR problem – it’s also MY problem. I will be held accountable for the way I dress. It all comes down to whether or not you are willing to be obedient to what God wants of you. And that means being different from the world. If you have a desire to be like, look like, act like the world, then you have a heart problem, and an obedience problem. Any clothing that is tight and reveals the shape of your body is not right for a born-again Christian to wear, whether it be mini-skirt, or ankle-long skirt. You can dress modestly and still be tasetful.

  6. freda kyalo says:

    i see nothing wrong with wearing miniskirts or tight pants or anything on the list above. abercrombie and fitch is not evil. they have a lot of clothing that passes your “modesty” specifications. just because the ads use a bit of skin to “grab” attention, it doesn’t mean that that’s how ur daughter will be dressed. i don’t think God cares how you’re dressed as long as your worshipping him. if you don;t want to wear those items, don’t, but please don’t try to control everyone else because you get turned on by it. it’s not our fault your trying to surpress your sodomic feelings and skirts ruin it for you.

  7. Dale Scheffler says:

    Mary Mohler has some very good modesty standards. As christians we are not to cause our brother to stumble. Pants, shorts, miniskirts and other such clothes on a woman cannot be modest as they either show flesh or the curves of a woman’s body. This is not modest for a woman and many women know that it attracts a man’s attention which will cause a man to stumble. I also believe that a man should set a good example of modesty for the women.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is some kind of philosphy going around that as long as you are a Christian, matters of dress are a non-issue. People quote the scripture, “Do not worry about what you shall wear” to try to prove that what we wear doesn’t matter. The problem with this belief, is that although we aren’t to be overly concerned about clothing, they fail to show that it has to be taught in balance with the scripture that commands women to “dress modestly.” You can’t favor one over the other, but they have to work together. Once a person develops modest standards in dress, they will be able to forget about clothing and get on with their lives. Of course “whats in your heart” matters, but your clothing can reflect the thoughts of your heart, whether they be rebellious, worldlly, prideful, flirtatious, disorganized and slothful, or careful, courteous, appropriate, mature, etc. There are some people who deliberately dress in a way to shock others, and create a barrier between them and the older generation, so that no one will approach them or befriend them except others dress just as badly. There is a lot of arguing going on about dressing, and clothing, and part of it is due to the fact that we have lost site of the many purposes in dressing. The way pants are worn, for example, on both men and women, show the rear end and shape of legs and the front, clearly outlined. Is this not a hook and a lure? Go to a mall sometime and watch the men watch the women as they walk by. Notice where the eyes go.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Our fruit on the outside will be evident, a reflection of that which is on the inside.

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