Snakeheads Killed

Yahoo! News – Maryland Poisons Pond to Kill Predator Snakefish

Maryland state game officials sprayed enough poison to kill every fish in a murky pond Wednesday to get rid of a foreign predator that had infiltrated suburban Washington: the voracious, land-crawling snakehead fish.

They killed all the fish to protect them from the predator snakehead fish. That makes sense.

(I understand why they did this but I just thought the headline was funny.)

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One Response to Snakeheads Killed

  1. travis pequignot says:

    i think it is rediculous that these fish are being made illegal. a parhana is just as dangerous or say pitbull dogs.we dont make these things illegal. a bull shark can swim into freshwater rivers and kill people but we dont kill the shark.we shouldnt be making the fish illegal.we should be educating the community on what to do with the fish if they decide to get rid of them.

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