German Compares Bush to Hitler

U.S. Slams German Minister for Bush-Hitler Comment

The regional Schwaebisches Tagblatt newspaper quoted German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s justice minister, Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, as saying “Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It’s a classic tactic. It’s one that Hitler used.”

Don’t make us come back over there and whip you again.

Seems that comparing Bush to Hitler is quite popular among some. While it’s utterly useless to do so, it is also inevitable according to Godwin’s law. It also signals defeat for those who make the comparison.

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14 Responses to German Compares Bush to Hitler

  1. S Senthil Kumar says:

    There are similarities by Hitler and bush

    1. Hitler was a dictator and not democratically
    Bush commited fraud in florida election and
    hence he not a democratically elected

    2. Hitler killed 6 million jews
    Bush and his administration are killing
    millions of Iraquis thro sanctions

    3. Hitler lied and brainwashed the Germans into
    his anti-semiticism and rhetoric.
    Bush is brainwashing Americans in anti-Iraqism
    and rhetoric.
    4. Hitler commited agression to gain control
    over resources of the world and establish
    German supremacy under some pretexts.
    Bush wants to commit agrression against
    under some pretext to get control over its
    oil resources.

    5. Hitler had no respect for League of Nations
    Bush has no respect for United Nations

    6. Mussolini was Hitler partner in his ambitions.
    Tony Blair is Bush partner.

    Therfore is clear that Bush is another Hitler
    and tony Blair is Mussolini.

  2. Robert says:

    1. Hitler and Bush were both democratically elected. Bush committed no fraud in the Florida elections – everything was done quite legally. That’s one great thing about America – we can have contentious and controversial elections without blood running in the streets.

    What do you think would have happened if Iraq (or most any other Arab nation for that matter) had an election like America did? Civil war would still be raging and it would take American or UN troops to re-establish law and order.

    2. Saddam Hussein, not Bush, is responsible for the deaths of the Iraqis. The conditions of the United Nations sanctions still provide plenty of food and medicine for the Iraqis – if the corrupt dictatorship governing Iraq would let the people have it, instead of diverting it for other purposes. Moreover, the United Nations sanctions against Iraq are designed to facilitate effective and thorough weapons inspections. It finally took the threat of imminent war by Bush and Blair to get Saddam to permit the UN inspectors to return. Remember that these inspectors are in Iraq due to Iraq’s aggression against Kuwait. There are no similarities to Hitler’s campaign against the Jews.

    3. It doesn’t take any effort to convince most Americans that destroying all corrupt and dangerous Arab dictatorships, as well as Islamic nations, is a good idea. We all think so. In fact, many of us wish Bush would get after it. If anything, Bush has been purposely toning down Americans’ desire to use force to make the world more secure.

    4. If Iraq didn’t have any oil, folks would insist that Bush had nefarious connections to the glass-making industry and wanted to invade Iraq to get its sand. Hitler wanted to (re-)create an empire. America plans to rebuild Iraq and turn it into a western style democracy – just like we did with Japan and Germany 50 years ago, and we are in the process of doing with Afghanistan. Being conquered by America is generally a good thing. Being conquered by Hitler wasn’t.

    5. Bush did what he needed to do to ensure that he could defend America regardless what else happened. Once he got congressional authorization, he sought UN approval. He is still waiting for all the UN rigamarole to go through. We’d prefer to do this with allies, but are quite willing to go it alone if need be. And, at least in this neck of the woods, most Americans I know don’t have any respect for the UN either.

    6. So having an ally makes one similar to Hitler?

    Therfore is clear that Bush is another Hitler
    and tony Blair is Mussolini.

    Your logic is quite…fascinating. Here’s some:

    Hitler had a mustache. Saddam has a mustache.
    “Hitler” has 6 letters. “Saddam” has 6 letters.
    Hitler hated Jews. Saddam hates Jews.
    Hitler did not respect the League of Nations. Saddam does not respect the UN.

    Therefore, it is clear that Saddam is another Hitler. And, like Hitler, he’ll likely be dead quite soon, at the hands of us vile Americans.

  3. Brian says:

    Your conversation is nice except that the German Secretary wasn’t comparing Bush to Hitler at all; that’s just what the media portrayed it as. She was right, it is a common tactic. And the person she used as an example was a former leader of her country. Unfortunately, this former leader happened to be Hitler. She didn’t chose her words carefully enough and now she’s getting fried for it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Impeach Bush….He has complete disregard for the United States Constitution and is oppressing our civil and human rights

  5. Robert says:

    Can you elaborate? How has Bush disregarded the constitution? How has he oppressed American’s civil or human rights? Please give specifics.

  6. Unknown says:

    Here are some similarities between Hitler and Bush that you may like:

    1. Neither Bush nor Hitler was elected by a majority vote of the people. Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 1933 by presidential fiat during a period of economic chaos. He then forced out the other parites, intimidated the opponents, and eventually was only put in because his Nazi party were the only ones who were allowed to vote. Bush was selected president in December 2000 by the US Supreme Court which was led by Republicans all in a dispute over Florida which was governed by Bush’s brother and a Sec of State who had political aspirations. Bush in 2000 might have been legal, but it wasn’t with the majority or because he actually won. You may have issues with reality and believe that he got more votes than Gore in Florida, in that case I grieve for your family.

    2. Bush has stated on at least three documented occasions that he would prefer to be a dictator as that would make his job easier. Bush also stated that “there should be limits to freedom.” To say that Hitler would agree is an understatement. Bush said he wanted “to save the world from freedom.”

    3. Hitler issued “Ordinances for the Protection of the German State and Nation” as a defense against acts of terror endangering the state. It suspended civil liberties including freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Bush, has detained US citizens, held them in military prisons and called them “enemy combatants,” “enemies of the state” with no right to legal counsel or representation. (That also answers your question as too what ‘civil liberties’ Bush has invaded)

    4. The Enabling Act of 1934 gave Hitler’s government the right to make laws and treaties without approval of the Reichstag even when those laws violated their constitution. Bush told Congress he does not need its approval either to declare war or to ignore treaties the US has been a party to. We shouldn’t forget that the way we can have a war is if Congress delcares it.

    5. In 1934 a special court was established to judge cases of treason which could mean almost anything including criticism of the government. Ari Fleischer and John Ashcroft have both warned US citizens to be careful in what they say.

    6. Hitler spoke of “the Fatherland” and of what was best for its security. He also formed the Sturmabtilung (SA), Shutzstaffel (SS), and Geheimstatsopolizie (Gestapo) to enforce government rule for the security of the state. Bush has signed executive orders that give him absolute power to control the Homeland for the sake of security. The US PATRIOT Act and the Homeland Security Act have given Bush the right to rule for an undefined period with powers unrestrained by law. To facilitate this, he has increased the powers of the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.

    7. Hitler forbade strikes and eventually abolished labor unions. Bush stated that “They [Democrats] want there to be a lot of rules and regulations and I’m not going to accept that.” He wants unions, bargaining power and civil service regulations eliminated so only he can hire and fire Homeland Security forces. Waiving union bargaining for reasons of national security goes back to the 60’s, but when joined with other Bush directives, it becomes more far-reaching and therefore dangerous. He stated that he was all for workers rights and collective bargaining but he was tired of delaying tactics. Thus he turned support of organized labor into an anti-terrorist security issue giving him full ability to hire and fire a Homeland Security Force that he controls.

    But you know, you are correct. There are some stark differences between Bush and Hitler:

    1. Hitler was decorated with the Iron Cross for bravery during WW I. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard for more than a year.

    2. Hitler had a perfect memory. Bush can’t remember what he said at any given time and stumbles when asked the names of other world leaders.

    3. Hitler spoke excellent German. Bush is a master of butchering our beautiful language as when he said, “They have misunderestimated me.”

    4. Hitler came to power from poverty. Bush said, “My grandfather made all the money. I didn’t have to do anything.” The irony is that Grandpa made alot of that money trading with Nazi Germany.

  7. Robert says:

    Here are a few rebuttals:

    Neither Bush nor Hitler was elected by a majority vote of the people.

    The President is not elected by majority vote. This is a feature, not a bug. It’s happened before. Bush won the majority of the electoral college votes, that’s that. Yes, he carried Florida as any consistent recount shows.

    in that case I grieve for your family.

    What does my family have to do with my opinion about election results in another state? This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard.

    that he would prefer to be a dictator

    I believe this is known by rational people as a JOKE. Maybe a bad one, but a joke nonetheless.

    Bush, has detained US citizens

    THREE citizens, total. Walker, Hamdi, and Padilla. Walker was handled by the criminal justice system. Hamdi is an American almost just as a technicality – he’s from Saudi Arabia. Anyway, Bush went through the courts to determine what he could legally due and the courts sided with him. Padilla is the only legitimate example.

    It suspended civil liberties including freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Bush, has detained US citizens

    Clearly you see that there’s a huge difference here. Hitler eliminated most civil liberties. Bush has detained ONE guy (excluding those that were shooting at Americans overseas). AFAIK, our rights to freedom of speech, press, and assembly are still quite intact. Do you think you’d get away with posting this sort of thing in Hitler’s Germany? Of course not. But do you expect the midnight knock of the FBI for this post in America? No.

    Bush told Congress he does not need its approval either to declare war

    This is a blatant lie.

    Bush does not legally need Congress’s approval to use military force for a limited time. Have you ever heard of the War Powers Act, where Congress granted the president this legal right?

    to ignore treaties the US has been a party to

    Please elaborate. Perhaps you are referring to the treaties which were not ratified, and never would be? Or the treaties with provisions specifying that any party could withdraw from it? When did Bush say what you claim?

    Ari Fleischer and John Ashcroft have both warned US citizens to be careful in what they say.

    Give me proof that these men have warned citizens not to criticize the government.

    Bush has signed executive orders that give him absolute power to control the Homeland for the sake of security.

    Which orders?

    given Bush the right to rule for an undefined period with powers unrestrained by law.

    Which provisions of the PATRIOT and Homeland Security acts grant this power?

    He wants unions, bargaining power and civil service regulations eliminated so only he can hire and fire Homeland Security forces.

    Nonsense. Hitler outlawed ALL strikes and unions. Bush opposed a single set of regulations regarding a single government agency. Anyway, who has ever heard of the head of the executive branch being able to hire and fire employees of the executive branch?

    There are circumstantial similarities between Bush and Hitler. But if you look hard enough you could probably find the same types of similarities between any two leaders. Bush is not anything like Hitler and you know it. If he were, you’d be “detained” by now.

  8. Jolene says:

    Prescott Bush (President’s Grandfather) financed Hitler into power from 1922 onwards (54 million died) and had his assets confiscated by the US Government in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act
    There are similarities between Hitler invading Poland and Bush invading Iraq:

    1. Each happened simply because just one warmonger politician decided to invade.
    2. Both events had the Bushes behind it (Hitler had Prescott Bush from 1922)
    3. Hitler only invaded Poland once, and killed less Poles than Dad Bush killed Iraqis. (Dad killed 200,000 in the war, 1.5million with sanctions – UNICEF)
    4. Both Hitler and Bush chose a defencess nation to attack. (The Iraqis could never attack America, can’t and never have killed Americans)
    5. Both Bush and Hitler headed the world’s biggest military machines. (There over 1,000 times more Weapons of Mass Destruction in the USA; isn’t that where the Weapons Inspectors should be sent?)
    6. Both Hilter and Bush seized power by usurping the electoral process. (Bush brothers destroyed 250,000 Democratic votes in 4 electoral frauds in Florida, declared “W” the winner by 537 votes.)
    7. Hitler and Bush gave fake reasons to invade. (Saddam Hussein has never been in partnership with bin Laden, but the Bushes and bin Ladens have been business partners for 24 years. The bin Ladens were the first investors in GW Bush’s first company, Arbusto in 1978 and are still joint owners of The Carlyle Group, a multi billion dollar weapons company which the Bushes built up with corrupt government contacts.)
    8. Freedom in Germany and the USA had been denied before the attack (This time it’s Bush’s cynically named USA Patriot Act which nullifies the Bill of Rights of 1791. Both Hitler and Bush imprison their own citizens without trial.)
    9. Both Hitler and the Bushes show stunning cruelty. (Dad Bush dropped depleted uranium “dirty bombs;” now thousands of Iraqis are dying horrible deaths of radiation poisoning.)
    10. The populations of both Germany and the USA were indoctrinated by the govenment (Carl Rove with 24/7 “news” has duped Americans into believing they are “under threat” and war is “inevitable”)
    11. Hitler and Bush both keep their populations subdued with brutality. (GW Bush faced 7 legal cases (eventual impeachment?) for electoral fraud in Florida. That was Bush’s motive to bring down the World Trade on 9/11, he said his junior business partner Osama did it, which is unbelievable – he should have resigned at that point if only for his connections to Osama.)
    12. Both wars could have been preventing simply by arresting the President of the invading country and prosecuting him for election fraud and war crimes. (GW Bush has killed 10,000 innocent Afghans).

    War is only inevitable while Bush is President. We will be at war for as long as Bush is President.
    If Carl Rove continues to fool the American people and Bush serves two terms, he will destroy the foreign-debt ridden American economy for all time. (He will probably also kill more than the total of 4.73 million people his Dad did, but Americans don’t care about that – their press is censored.)
    And remember the USA orgainsed the 1963 coup which put Saddam Hussein’s brutal Bathist party in power, and the USA and Britain financed and armed Hussein every step of the way. All the killing around Iraq has been done by the USA or is the responsibility of the USA. It is up to the USA to remove Bush first, as Dubya is the real threat and killer, then remove Saddam the way it put him in, ie a coup, not a war.

  9. Emreil Jack says:

    Saddam is correct. Eliminate Kurds, eliminate Jews – Eliminate the christians, Eliminate the Iranians – It is a good start in cleaning up the world – If we can all boycott the American dollar, if we can keep all the Oil in our control, we can rid ourselves off the Evil wastefull Americans and others.

  10. David E says:

    You know, I always hear how the United States is rushing to war. This week we have been working with the feckless United Nations for over 6 months. If you look at how the UN is acting they are crying out, “Please do not take us serious we are only a debating society.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pretty scary but true. Is it true that Bush and Hitler were members of the same secret society; German chapter founded in 1832 (Thule Society)and the U.S. chapter at Yale University (Skull and Bones)? Please clear this up if this is incorrect information.

  12. Ryan Wilson says:

    It’s really irritating to read the same arguments over and over again. Robert has successfully rebutted all of the arguments against Bush, but people keep repeating themselves.

  13. Serra says:

    Listen, I agree with the anti-Bush people here. Seeing as Robert keeps saying that all these truths only happened once shows he doesn’t understand the extreme danger. Things like the Patriot Act should NEVER happen in our country. In the late 1700s, hundreds died so that we wouldn’t have to see this happen.

    The start of a dictatorship doesn’t have to start quickly. In fact, the slower it starts, the easier it is to finish! Bush is using a typical American’s fear of invasion to his advantage, invading other countries for WMDs that don’t exist just for an excuse for power. I understand this entire thing is an oppinion, but think about it. Which oppinion lets you look at things objectively: The one that has you blindly following Bush or the one that has you looking at the government skeptically, ready to protest if needed?

    As to those clean-cut facts, Bush started this “War on Terrorism” because of a “possible threat” just as Hitler invaded Poland. They were a “threat” to Nazi Germany.

    As I’ve researched, this isn’t an official war. Bush repeats several lies to make them seem truthful, such as the phrase, “War on Terrorism” and “Homeland”. Hitler did similar things.
    Bush doesn’t really have the power to declare war, but that can’t stop him. Again, another Dictator-like thing to do.

    I have more, but I’ll leave it here. Daylight Savings Time is killer.

  14. Alberto says:

    Bush, who claims himself a christian, is all the opposite of what jesus really was. Here is some comparisons: Jesus, the prince of peace. Bush the man of war. Jesus helped the poor and the needy, and these were his chosen ones, while mr. Bush takes away the money from the poor and give it to the rich whom he also protects and supports. Jesus was a wise man, bush is a moron. Jesus was a spiritual man, bush a politician. jesus was humble, bush is greedy. jesus told the truth, while bush preaches lies and holds others accountable for his mistakes. Lets not deceive ourselves, Bush is an evil man who is leading this country to destruction, and he will accomplish his agenda through the vote of the ignorant who will re-elect him soon. TYRANTS ARE GIVEN POWER BY IGNORANTS, WHO IN TURN END UP BEING CONSUMED BY THEIR OWN CHOICE.
    Alberto – A former Christian

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