Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity

Story on CNSNews.com: Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity

It’s a good article that demonstrates the wide gap between environmentalist wackos and responsible conservationists. The article contrasts Gar Smith, a nut who thinks we shouldn’t give Africans electricity, with Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace who left that organization in the 80s because it is extremist.

Here are some quotes from Patrick Moore. He definitely falls in the “responsible conservationist” camp:

It’s that kind of arrogance that is coming from a movement that is basically white upper-middle class and is saying that it’s neat to have Africans with no electricity.

What a terrible thing to say. It’s just so obviously stupid — this romanticization of poverty, where people can’t afford to fix their teeth, can’t afford decent nutrition, can’t afford proper health care, can’t afford education

What does he think — that some illiterate with her teeth falling out in the mountains is a good thing?

The environmentalists try to inject guilt into people for consuming, as if consuming by itself causes destruction to the environment. There is no truth to that. You have the wealthiest countries on earth with the best looked after environment.

Look at the environmental destruction caused by poverty. They have no money left to reforest, they have no money left to prevent soil erosion, there is no money to clean their water after they make it dirty.

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One Response to Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity

  1. anna says:

    you’re right; people like that give conservationists a bad name. it really hurts me personally because i consider myself to be a conservationist. when i read junk like this, it nearly makes my blood boil.

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