LAX Shooter Intended to Kill

This story from FBI: LAX Shooter Had Intent to Kill

“It appears he went there with the intention of killing. Why he did that is what we are still trying to determine,” FBI agent Richard Garcia said.

I’m glad we got that figured out. He had a 45, a 9mm, and a 6 inch knife. But it takes highly trained FBI agents to figure out “he went there with the intention of killing”.

As far as the motive: He’s an Egyptian national. He’s been in America for about 10 years. Last week, he sent his family back to Egypt. He has fake identification and sometimes uses an alias. On our Independence Day, he came relatively heavily armed into one of our airports, carrying no identification, walked up to the Jewish airline counter, and opened fire.

Do you think it could be terrorism? is reporting that this guy has deep ties to Islamic jihad groups; I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that site. But my bet is that he was a “sleeper cell” and he was not alone.

There are two things I find interesting.

First, the fact that the man was not carrying any identification is no longer being mentioned anywhere (that I can find) except at

Second, early reports mentioned at least one other man taken into custody by the FBI. At least some news stories mentioned people screaming “They‘re Arabs!” But I also can’t find any reference to that anymore.

I’m not saying there is some kind of cover-up conspiracy. I’m just saying it’s weird.

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