We’ll shoot you down, but no guns in the cockpit!

This story describes some drills the military is conducting to help deal with future hijackings.

Fighter jets from the North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled to respond to the simulated hijackings and were to run through several scenarios, including one that involved shooting down the planes.

“We’re prepared to do it, trained to do it and ready to do it, but we’d much rather it be the source of last resort,” said Marine Maj. Mike Snyder, a NORAD spokesman. “But make no mistake, we’re ready to do it.”

Why are we willing to shoot down passenger jets, killing everyone onboard, but we are not willing to arm pilots? How can it be a better plan to shoot the planes down? Why isn’t it an acceptable risk to just arm the pilots?

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One Response to We’ll shoot you down, but no guns in the cockpit!

  1. griff says:

    i wonder if they use nerf missles in their training excersizes.

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