News from my sister

My sister is in South Korea right now. She will be getting married on Sunday, May 12th, at 5:00 pm (which is 3:00am Saturday the 11th here). She’s been over there for about 5 days. Here is some email we’ve gotten from her:

Sunday, May 5, 2002
     Hey ya’ll. I’m here in smelly Korea. Yes, I do mean smelly. It’s dirty and gross as well. I’m currently sleeping, eating, and sitting in the floor at YounSoo’s parent’s house. I am in pain. I want to be back home in the absolutely fabulous USA! I miss ya’ll! So far it’s been okay though. His parents like me at least. But I don’t like not knowing what’s being said. Youn Soo only translates some of it. It’d be impossible to translate it all though. But that’s okay I suppose. We are on our way to see the professor who is goin to marry us. Great fun. I guess I’ll talk to you all later. Love ya lots!

Tuesday, May 7
     It is soooo different than in america. We both miss home believe it or not. We are kind of ready to be home. And sadly that’s after just 1 weekend.
     Right now I’m in the post office. Yes, they have the internet here inside. It is very interesting.
     Everything here smells kind of bad. Bathing in our house only happens twice a week at the spa. I don’t like that at all. I’ve only bathed once since we’ve been here. I can’t get over jet lag either. I’m so sleepy.
     Today we are selling flowers in the street for Parent’s Day. It has been pouring and it’s kind of cold.
     Actually it’ll be about 3am your time when we are getting married. The dress made it okay and all of the wrinkles are mostly gone. It’s okay.
     They sell knock offs of almost every brand name you can think of here. I bought a fake louis vitton purse for 23 and a fake burberry for 10. It’s amazing. I’m going to buy some fake gucci’s sometime…if I can find shoes that fit. My feet are a little bit bigger than the biggest size they have here. Are you interested in a knock off anything? Anyway.
     I can sympathize with you and poor Joshie’s cold. I’ve been sick ever since we got herel I started out with a bad stomach…and now I’m moving on to cold like symptoms. But I will survive I guess. As long as my husband to be sticks with me.
     (The food stinks for the most part also…) I’m STARVING TO DEATH. :) But as bad as it sounds…..(oh! and the floor is killing me!) :) God is with us. Youn Soo is with me….we’ll make it. I’m trying to keep a good attitude about it all. It’s not all that bad.
     Love you lots…miss ya

Wednesday, May 8
     Some of the toilets are like urinals in the floor. I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to use that.
     They have huge outdoor markets. You can buy food in the street (flies walk on it though.)
     I actually didn’t hate yesterday too much. We went out for a family meal. It was nice. But today I’ve been completely scrutinized by his mother up one end and down the other. I don’t know why. She kept coming in my room and looking at all my stuff. It was bugging me.
     We went to a restaurant yesterday. One of our side dishes was bugs. Youn Soo wouldn’t eat them, even though he likes them cause he knew I’d make fun of him. But I finally made him. I took a picture. Ew.
     The food here isn’t so great for me. Youn Soo’s cooking isn’t like the real stuff. I’m hungry. McDonalds isn’t even right either! I’m losing weight though.
     We walk a lot. Somehow we are always going up. Up a thousand stairs. Very rarely do we go down. I don’t understand that…but I should be close to heaven by now! ha ha ha
     The most fun I have is when we shop. Youn Soo takes me shopping every day. He knows I’m not liking here much. I’ve tried not to complain…
     If you can, get me a bunch of magazines…and some books or something. We can’t find any in English here. I’m starving for reading material.
     Anyway…Love you guys….can’t wait until you get here.

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