Sheriff destroying guns

Our local news is reporting that the Grayson County Sheriff destroyed $15,000 worth of guns that were seized as evidence over the past 10 years.

Some local gun shop owners say the Sheriff’s office should hold a gun auction like they have done in the past–and flush money into a stagnant local economy. But the Sheriff’s office says they do not want to risk the re-circulation of the weapons. They fear that criminals might get ahold of some of the high-powered weapons.

This is warped logic. We have laws and procedures in place intended to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. If these guns were sold to local gun shops, the buyers would be subject to the same background checks as they would if they were buying any other weapon. Or if the Sheriff’s office auctioned the guns directly to buyers, they could easily run the NICS checks right there – it’s only a phone call. How does destroying them keep guns out of the hands of criminals? There’s nothing special about these guns that would make them more likely to be used in a future crime.

I’m disapointed with Sheriff Gary’s actions. I thought he was a very conservative man. Guess I was wrong.

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