News from my old high school

Valedictorian case goes to federal court

This is an interesting story out of my old high school. I take a special interest because I was valedictorian there and I have some strong suspicions what is really going on in this story.

Bells does kind of a weird thing in deciding class rank. If you take certain classes, you get 10 extra points per class temporarily added to your GPA solely to determine class rank. This rewards students who take advanced Spanish, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc., and is intended to offset the increased difficulty of those classes.

It seems that the Jeffreys’ daughter was all set to be the valedictorian. Then another girl (the child of two Bells ISD teachers) managed to get a special advanced Spanish class set up so she would get the extra points and be the valedictorian. She was the only student in the class. It was only offered at the same time as the Jeffreys’ daughter had an Ag class, and she did not want to drop the Ag class.

Then to make matters worse, the girl in the advanced Spanish class wanted to run track, but that conflicted with her Spanish class. As athletics is extremely important at Bells, they graciously turned the Spanish class into some kind of “independent study” course that she took at 7:30 am.

I know that some of the administrators at Bells do have their favorite students. I was one of the favorites when I was there. And they are not above manipulating schedules, etc., to ensure that their favorites are taken care of. I suspect this is what’s going on here.

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