An Uncluttered Afternoon

Leandra and I spent the afternoon reducing the clutter in our house. It was partially something we just wanted to do, and partially a necessity. We are selling our guest bedroom furniture, and converting the guest bedroom into a nursery. So of course we have to empty the room out.

I pulled most of the stuff out of the room, plus the contents of our computer armoire (not the computer itself, but all the other stuff of course) and piled it all on the kitchen counters and table. There were lots of school/office supplies, stacks of paperback books and other miscellaneous junk. I’d say we eliminated about 2/3rds of the stuff. What used to fit in 4 drawers, a 4-drawer desk, and an armoire now fits nicely in an armoire and 1 smaller drawer. We still have some more stuff to go through, but I think it will go well.

We found ourselves having some interesting conversations. Some of the best quotes:

While sorting through 30,000 staples and 3 staplers
Leandra: “This is the best stapler. Trust me. I was a teacher. I know these things.”
Robert: “Can’t we just keep my tiny red stapler?”
Leandra: “I don’t feel like I should have to justify myself.”

On pencil sharpeners
Leandra: “I’m very specific about the way my pencils are sharpened. I want the electric pencil sharpener. And I’m not ashamed of that.”

Deciding which of 3 calculators to keep
Robert: “But…that calculator got me through college. It’s much better than your calculator.”
Leandra: “Is yours solar?”

Discussing keeping the armoire dust-free
Leandra: I move everything off of everything. That’s what makes me great.”

Among our clutter we had 30,000 staples, 3 staplers, 3 calculators, 4 erasers, and 6 bottles of whiteout. We actually had a discussion about which of the erasers to keep. Two of them were the regular pink erasers, while two of them were the vastly superior white erasers. Leandra preferred the pink ones, I like the white ones. So we compromised and decided to keep one of each. Then Leandra pointed out how ridiculous it was to even be discussing erasers, so she just tossed out the two pink ones.

It’s amazing how silly we can get about junk.

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